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I really like how well this song is sequenced and mastered. I may not be an electronic expert, but I do know good music when I hear it. You've done a great job giving the feeling that there is a struggle going on while the music plays.

I really have nothing negative to say. A solid track all around.

ForeverBound responds:

Thanks man

All hail the mighty Samulis, who will destroy us all with his new found powers.

samulis responds:

Indeed! All shall fear my masterful ability over the great recorder! None could ever compare to me!

I'm suing you for stealing my song's name. I'm taking this to the supreme court.

stunkel responds:

Damnit... not again... Welp, time to get a lawyer I guess... see you in court!

I love the cartoon style of music. It is so chaotic, and actually requires quite a bit of skill to pull off correctly. You could definitely make stuff for kids.

The choice of lead instruments was quite interesting, lol. You also did a great job with the xylophone! Your composition is remarkable.

My only problem was the percussion. Not that it sounded unrealistic, but because there wasn't a lot of dynamics. With its volume turned up, I could easily pick it out and my OCD immediately was triggered.

5 Starz - 5 Vote

steampianist responds:

OH MY!!... Thank for reviewing this. im glad that you appreciate the chaotic element in this piece!

ah the percussion i have to agree with you.. though i did try to compensate with random percussive effects :D and im sorry for triggering your OCD :P

Short and repetitive, but I like it. It kinda reminds me of some sort of comedy act at a circus (which is what I assume you had in mind while creating this).

I would like to hear an extended version sometime in the future maybe, but that is up to you. The instrument quality is sub-par, but that's not a big deal. Other than the instrument quality, everything else sounds great to me and is inline with your original freak show idea.

This is very simple and to the point, so I like it very much. This is deserving of my five vote.

Since this is your only song without a review, I thought it would be most appropriate. I'm no death metal expert by any means, so if you catch my stupidity you can call me out on it.

The song truly is metal, there is no doubt about that. I like the simplicity of it. I'm not sure if you were just bored or you really put thought into it, but it turned out just fine to me.

The only thing that bothered is the drum sequencing at 1:08-1:15 it sounded like the track was skipping or like it was some kind of printing press machine. There are other instances of this happening, but I'm assuming you've improved upon it by now.

Like I said, I'm no metal expert; so, I cannot really give sound advice on improving a metal sound, but I hope that I may encourage you to continue creating music. Maybe you'll end up making cinematic music with me in the coming days.

I haven't dug deep into this kind of music since the yahr of 2004. The source of your bg sfx is very interesting. However, I would like to know what you were doing in your grandmother's attic.

This song is definitely reminiscent of some of the earlier Newgrounds tracks you could find in the portal. I must say kudos for an excellent Drum N' Bass track -- you always cease to amaze me with your unmatched skill and talent.

5/5 Stars * 5 Vote of course

midimachine responds:

i'll tell you what i wasn't doing up there: not masturbating!

thanks for the review mate! :)

My theme song, if ever I would have one. So realistic how did you pull that off?

samulis responds:

Every time I saw a bridge on my travels, I asked the troll living under it if he could play any instruments.

Very heartwarming. It definitely has an emotional post-pop/rock feel while remaining quite atmospheric. Somebody might complain about a lack of lyrics, but I love the music just fine. I have it on loop.

You did an excellent job sticking to what you wanted to convey; you didn't go off on some crazy experimental movement, but you kept true to your original theme. The cello at the beginning was an excellent choice to usher in the rest of the track.

The lead was a bit predictable, but that didn't keep me from enjoying this song. It certainly reminds me of some sort of romance or love drama. Probably not what you had in mind, but I'm sure all the girls will dig this for years to come.

5/5 Stars & 5 Vote

Keegs responds:

Thanks man! That electric guitar was supposed to be more of a background drone, but i guess it ended up carrying more of the melody than I had intended. I'll try to keep better tabs on that for the next one!

Thanks for the review!!


Put this in the cinematic genre!

5/5 Starz & 5 vote

Emid responds:

Thanks a lot for the comment, vote and thanks for pointing out :)

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