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I love the sound of this. I just wish the lead was a little less 'outspoken.' I may create an orchestral style piece similar to this someday.

DjSkyFall responds:

Hmm a different sound for the lead could make that difference, but im really glad you liked the track!

Good structure, mate. This was good, I would just suggest you work a little on your vocal range and make sure your harmony is the correct pitch.

Very good!

Charmanzer responds:

thanks man, i didn't do the singing I only did the music :-)

This music has majesty, power, and passion.

headphoamz responds:

Thanks Bosa, I appreciate that! <3

Harmony that leaves me speechless. Wow, now I see why you are the best; the greatest on Newgrounds.

My soft heart says (in prayer): "I need to marry somebody who has talents like yours."

headphoamz responds:

Aww, thanks Bosa! I think you might be emphasizing just a tad, but I appreciate it all the same. :D

Not bad, sir. I cannot wait until we collaborate to create a stunning fantasy piece.

samulis responds:


Wait, wasn't that "Claudius"? Or do you mean another one?

Old man Crinklelimpskin, you're at it again! I hope you and your band will perform at my next party.

samulis responds:

my one-man band that is. ;)

The lead instrument almost sounds like a dark carnival, but I can also see why you chose the title. I like the string staccatos, although somewhat repetitive you did a good job keeping the song intriguing. I could hear a flute instrument in the background which added extra filling to the mix, so I can honestly say that you are on the right start. It is always good to add extra things here in there to give your song a unique sound.

I applaud your good work.

Azrael626 responds:

I greatly appreciate your review, and I will strive to make my songs less repetitive in the future.

I enjoyed the vocal harmonies at the end -- truly angelic. However, the percussion was a little basic and there was a wee bit too much bass with the kick.

I am not sure why you chose the title that you did, but regardless you have created quite an excellent track. It sounds and even feels heroic to some degree and builds up anticipation.

Bardash responds:

Thank you for your review!

Basically I chose the title due to the inspiration I received for this track. Ultimately the anticipation and heroic feel you mention follows the theological beliefs that I hold.

I have been listening to this track quite a few times as I drive to work each day, and I am thinking of revisiting the percussion in the final climatic part of the composition.

Thank you again for listening!

Will you teach me? How much do you charge for lessons?

SoundChris responds:

Hey there Bosa, i am really very glad especially you liked it! I think i could learn a lot more from you then converse - my music theoretical knowledge is quite basic and i am composing just by ear :D So there is still so much i have to learn and i hope i will improve as fast as possible - i promise to try my very best good sir!

Merry Christmas and good tidings and good wishes; being full of good cheer.

Why didn't you write this for the Polar Express?

The best looking composer online.

Jon Babb @Bosa


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