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Definitely sounds like a noire from the 40's! I appreciate somebody who is willing to submit something new and interesting. Lord knows we have enough dubstep and metal.

I can actually put myself in the shoes of a investigator while listening to this; It's very immersive in that regard. The stylistic change @ 2:38 was sudden, but I liked it. The only thing was the clarinet's velocity was too loud, and also the guitar might of been somewhat out of place, but nothing is ever perfect.

Quite excellent, sir.

5 vote and 4.5 starz

Nimble responds:

Yes, I do try to explore different styles and genres whenever I write something big like this. It's like being a hipster, i decide myself to be different. Of course, this is one of my few successful attempts at being different, the others have never seen the web, abominations as they are.

I was even thinking of adding some footstep samples and talking to some of the background to give it a more authentic feel(I've been getting into adding samples and clips into music recently), which i think would help even more with immersion. The style change in this song came out of nowhere, but i went with it nevertheless because it sounded nice. I shall tone down the clarinet a little, honestly I did think that it was too soft when i was putting the finishing touches and upped it a notch, I overdid it there :P Guitars and Alto Saxes(and by extension Clarinets) give a nice texture when playing in unison, which is why it might be a bit out of style/placing.

Thank you for thine review sir, it helped me realize what else i could to do make this song better.

Excellent work! I found that the chord progression you used really added a dynamic and dramatic feel to the song. The lead instrument which sounds like a celli playing higher notes amplified the determined mood of this track. I'm glad you put this in cinematic because I can really see this being used in a game. I hope the guys you made this for use this track in 'Fall of Arzo'

The only reason you got .5 deducted was because the instruments were synthy and not realistic, but that isn't a huge deal for me like it is for other people. I'm just glad you're submitting something great like this to the portal.

4.5 stars and a 5 vote from me.

DESHIEL responds:

-The lead is actualy merged from one soundfont and two sytrus vsts :)
-The guy in charge of The Fall of Arzo was very pleased with the piece so it's going to be there. :)
- Yeah I was already "warned" about some pureblood rants around this kind of music.

Ofcourse, synthetics cannot replace the real sound (atleast mine do not xd) but I've spent a great deal of tweaking these synthetics to atleast sound well. Because had you hear them in thier unmastered state you would probably decide to kill me for the sake of humanity.

Well that is the price to pay now that I don't have money to buy equipment and I'm very thankfull for every free 'gift' that I happen to obtain from the other artists.

So while I do understand some people's concern about the quality, I cannot and will be not held back by some ruckuss about the impurity of the sound.
After all, sound is just an instrument, it's the composition and the idea that matters.

So ty for yo review man. ;)

This is an excellent remix. I could sit here and listen to this all day. I'm quite glad you didn't give up on this track, and I'm glad you are submitting excellent music here on Newgrounds. I hope you continue to work on some more stuff, because I will definitely be watching your progress! You could be quite the inspiration to some of the younger and less experienced musicians around here.

Five stars and a five vote.

Dylnmatrix responds:

Thanks Bosa! I'm really glad you liked the track and thank you for the kind words. I'll definitely be continuing to make music, I actually have a couple projects in the works. My job is cutting off my free time and wi-fi is hard to find around here, but I'll be uploading new songs eventually.

i luv it dood

Conal responds:


Now dis be jammin! Excellent work, as always. I expected nothing less coming from you.

five voteth

Step responds:

Why thank you :3.

sooooo gooood. It specifically reminds me of my days as a cow herder in the west.


and five starz

samulis responds:


I got my music 5-voted by BOSA!!! AHHHH111!!1!! *cries in joy*

My life is complete!

Very emotional, indeed. Of course it's difficult to listen to this with the same perspective as you, but I can clearly hear the romantic vibe you're portraying throughout the entire track. But at the same time, there is a faint sense of loneliness I think. This could be played at both a wedding and a funeral.

Excellent work, as always. I don't have to sweat or fret when I'm looking for quality music, because your stuff is readily available to me whenever I'm seeking a certain musical mood. Your work is great, and I hope to be more like you someday.

MarkySpark responds:

You have no need to aspire to be like anyone YOU ARE BOSA! and you're works are truly magnificent my friend.

As always you never fail to meet the high expectations, my friend. I hope to see more of you around here once again. Also, it's good to see that your style has not been affected. You still create music from within your own creative character.

I hope to encourage you in the near future and I hope to see more submissions as well, old friend.

Your typical electronic track. It was pretty much what I would expect, and it is quite good as far as quality is concerned.

Of course drumbeats in these songs are almost always repetitive, but it would be nice to hear some more fills and some more dynamics there. But overall, I liked the song. The instruments were quite soothing despite the drums.

One question, though: Why 'Rain in the Winter' for the title?

I will voteth five, my good sir.

pfrequency responds:

Thanks for the review! Drums are definitely something I can improve on, I agree with you on that. The title I just kind of spontaneously chose because of the weather where I live. I feel like snow is the only good part of cold winter, rain in the winter is just depressing. My titles are never very profound, lol.

Quite splendid!

From start to finish, I noticed how... different this song is. The idea in itself was quite intriguing enough for me. Even though you took a journey through different styles of music, you still maintained the same theme throughout the song, which was well done. How brilliant.

I already discussed mastering with you, sir. But the quality of the programs used is another matter. They were quite average, I suppose, but you utilized them to their full potential without making them sound too synthy (to coin a phrase). The bagpipes were a nice touch, but not very realistic for my tastes. I did like the playing style of the guitar. Anything that resembles the early 90's is fine by me. The guitar reminded me of the midi instrument, but not too much.

I am reminded greatly of Age of Empires, or the Civilization games. I enjoy your work sir, and I give to thee four stars along with a five vote.

SkyeWint responds:

Good day sir. Thank you for taking the time to review, it's helpful to understand how you were judging!

To start out - I definitely wanted to try something "different". No point in doing the same old thing that everyone else is doing. Having the same simple theme throughout the piece was done to tie it together - as nice as pure soundtrack is, I prefer to have something to keep a piece together throughout many changes - it's all one piece.

We did indeed already discuss mastering.

When it comes to programs, I would have to disagree with you. While the orchestral instruments in the first few parts were from Edirol and therefore average, the strings, piano, and instruments in the second half were mainly from Omnisphere - I would not call Omnisphere an "average" program. I do agree about the bagpipes, they weren't used realistically. It was not precisely my intention to use them realistically, but I can see how there would be points taken off there, it's a very stylistic choice and so far it's been fairly controversial among people I've shown this to. The guitar was actually one of my lowest-quality instruments, seeing as it was a simple soundfont. The reason it may have sounded higher-quality is because I ran it through two Guitar Rig amps (another VST on the level of Omnisphere).

Age of Empires and Civilization could have easily been some inspiration for the idea of this piece. I'm not sure what really inspired it exactly - it's very rare I manage to pinpoint the original source of inspiration for many of my odd pieces.

The best looking composer online.

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