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I really had no idea you were this good. Wow.

From 0:52 and on, I was completely swept away. I wasn't expecting such a large impact from something so subtle and simple.

5/5 for sure, and feel free to check out my newest track if you find the time to do so.

JosephAS1 responds:

Well I have to say thanks... and I'm really glad that you liked this, even more since I really admire your work quite a lot :D

I am pleasantly surprised by this romantic piece, and your performance thereof. If it indeed you playing, then you deserve recognition as an extremely talented pianist. If you performed this yourself, then you must be classically trained as a pianist.

I very much enjoy your music, and the baroque stye you add to your pieces. You are a great musician, and I do hope that you will continue to produce more music for us to hear!

5/5 stars!

descara responds:

Thank you for your kind words. There'll definitely be more music from me! I've had a bit of training as a pianist, mostly in my younger years though. On a slightly related note (speaking of baroque as well), I'm going to study cembalo and basso continuo playing as a side instrument next Autumn. :)

Are you spanish?

Anyways, after listening to the last part (4:12-5:15) I got the feeling I was watching The Lord of the Rings -- it sounds quite familiar because Howard Shore used the same structure in some of his compositions for the film. I enjoyed your song however, because it had a feeling of chivalry or medieval fantasy that I love.

I could picture this being used in an adventure game like Quest for Glory or King's Quest. You've divided the mix into four parts, and it seems you've blended them well as far as style goes. Using the same instruments and tempo seems to keep the song held together by that strong foundation. Of course the song is digital, but what I'm focused on is the structure, not the quality of the instruments. In fact, I would rather hear this song in an adventure game than a live orchestra. I believe adventure games hold on to a rare novelty with digital music rather than live music.

The song is good as usual. You never cease to impress me with your classical dominance in the audio portal, and you always come up with imaginative storyline to back your songs up. You are a very creative musician and very talented in sequencing and mastering. I very much enjoyed this piece and I cannot wait to hear some more of your excellent stuff.

5/5 - Brotha

samulis responds:

Haha... sadly not, I am American.

I am very glad you liked the piece, I hope to keep improving so one day I might be comparable to you (honestly, it is always a honor to receive a review from you). It seems that my style is better cut for a video game or film score than a symphony or opera and I gladly take that as a sign that I should try to aim for focusing intently on moving into such. If you have any suggestions on what tweaks I can make to better improve my mix or style, I am all ears. :)

I'll keep an eye on your stuff and try to return the favor whenever possible. I always enjoy letting my imagination build on the work of another and providing fodder that might feed a greater work than I could ever conceive.

Many thanks,

I'm interested in these soprano voices you've discovered. Do you have a friend who recorded these for you, or are they from a library?

Everything blends well, and I could see this being used in an adventure game of some kind. This is all very pleasant to listen to. It's very nice to see you still submitting quality tracks. Feel free to check out some of my most recent submissions if you want.

sorohanro responds:

Thanks for review.
Check your PM ;)

Now this is darkness at its core. I am fascinated with the effects and the mood that you portray with this piece. You have proven, as always, to be at the top of your game.

Although there are some parts in the song when it feels sad, or depressing. It is in my opinion that Hell is a place designed for punishment, and therefore is a constant torment to its inhabitants. I would of expected the whole song to be chaotic and utterly miserable in mood, but you seemed to have went in a different direction -- making it ominous and somewhat like something you'd hear while reading a mystery or horror novel.

Great work. Keep making music my friend.

Excellent composition for the brass, and you're actually using East West Symphonic Orchestra for what it was designed for. It's more useful for adding extra instruments to an already recorded track.

This sounds amazing, and the musicians you had to play your composition are astounding. I daresay this is one of those pieces that you could use to really show off to others ha. There's not too many flash artists who would turn you down when they hear this piece.

Great work, and I hope you will continue to record more work and submit it here!

BloodyLoud responds:

Thanks, Bosa! It's amazing how a few live instruments can give it that feel of realism. And it really helps having the whole brass section live!


You just used the music from "In the Secret" by Audio Adrenaline and slipped in your own lyrics.

I think you got the title wrong. It's actually "I Want to Know You" by Audio Adrenaline.

This is a cool cover, although I would of enjoyed more instrumentation than what you used. Maybe if you sang the song that would increase public attention as well, but regardless I still support anything Christian on this site.

Voted 5

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks :) I've always known it as ~ In the Secret ~ however. I don't think Audio Adrenaline are the original authors of the song either?

But I agree!

Thanks for sopping by :)

I loved the song until 1:40. I felt as though the increased excitement was ill placed for the slow/melodramatic theme you had started at the beginning. A change in pace and theme can be a good thing, but I felt as though the change was too sudden and sounded a bit like Ocarina of Time. Perhaps I would of loved to hear a subtle yet emotional flow of strings coming in at 1:40 -- accompanied with a more distinguished slow cymbal. But anyways, this is only my opinion and I'm sure you designed the track exactly the way you wanted it and for the ending you mentioned in your commentary.

I loved the beginning with the piano. It reminded me of James Horner and his sweet compositions. When the strings and English Horn came in, it kinda pushed the emotion up a level, but I would of had the piano playing the melody an octave higher in the background during this period, but you may need to take the key down a step or two if you did this. I love this song though and the melody that it plays. It's so sweet to listen to, and is kinda romantic in a way.

The progression that follows at around 3:11 at the end is very lovely. I would of liked to of heard this sooner in the song and perhaps expanded upon if need be. The song ends abruptly here, but that is ok -- that just means I get to hear this great track again! I love the instrumentation and the effort you've put behind it. I can tell you have worked hard!

ajfromcanada responds:

Wow, what a great review! Thank you so much! I'll try to take everything you've suggested into consideration. One thing though, is that the change in tempo and theme is there for a very specific purpose. As the title of the track says, it's supposed to symbolize the end of one adventure - saying goodbye to a team of friends - and then heading off to a brand new adventure. Also, I take the James Horner comment to be such a great compliment. Him and Thomas Newman are some of my favourite film composers.

Once again, thank you for the great review.

I had to leave a review for this. I admire any one who submits medieval or fantasy music to Newgrounds (it's mostly piano solos these days).

I can tell you spent a lot of time on this. I don't care if the instrumentation or samples are sub-par; you did a great job with this track. It's very subtle, and it does its job very well with giving you an old nostalgic feeling of the historic middle ages. The choir pads that came in at 0:57 just increased the subtle ambiance.

I love making medieval music and I do it often. I'm glad you chose the style for this piece and I hope you make more just like this one. I promise I will listen to it.


raphtheman responds:

Thank you so much for your words! Im still very new to making music and its always a help to hear inspirational reviews like yours.

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