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Quite a good cover of a simple theme. I enjoyed the numerous instruments and the chines at the end.

Five Vote and Five stars, son

Step responds:

Aww man from all of my songs you had to review this one? :P

But thanks haha. Glad it's OK.

This is a good track. I do quite enjoy the rock sequence that follows with the classical instruments. It's a good mix and something that I will surely recommend to others.

You have quite a talented friend on the guitar. You have quite an epic piece on display.

Five Vote

bassfiddlejones responds:

Why thank you for the review kind sir! Yes, he is indeed very talented... you haven't even heard the half of it. Got some more good stuff on the way :) Thanks for the review/vote, we appreciate it!

0:42-0:45 is what I can't get out of my head. I hope you don't mind me stealing your composition. (I'm just kidding).

I just feel that this song is so well structured, even for its length. I didn't really get bored, neither did I feel that it became repetitive. It kinda goes into a whole different mood at the middle point, almost as if you're telling a story (now where in the world would you have gotten such an idea)?

It is unfortunate however, that a king has yet to be crowned -- but that will soon change!

5/5 Stars


Long ago, I used to write a bunch of dance songs in a day. But it seems that you have quite an interesting talent to be able to create such good music in the time frame of one day. I must say, I am impressed.

I feel as though I'm sitting on top of a mountain with an elder whilst drinking tea in the morning and discussing how things were in the past. The view of the horizons are enough to awe even the most stubborn individual.

This music is a testimony to your greatness, sir. I do hope that you will continue with your efforts.

Four Stars
and I vote Five.

I don't know, lol. It doesn't really remind me of late 70's or early 80's. It sounds more like Final Fantasy to me, but I suppose everyone sees their own vision when listening to music. I did enjoy it, however. It has a very anxious, upbeat tempo that keeps me excited throughout the whole track. I'm quite curious as to why nobody has reviewed your music yet. Interesting.

The only small thing that kinda bothered me with this song was the velocity of the organ in the higher ranges. I had to turn my volume down for a bit, but it wasn't a big deal really.

You have a pretty good talent, and I can see you creating music for turn based RPG games. You are swell indeed, sir.



Maindrian responds:

Sorry for the late response, not really been about much, but thanks for the review, something of an honour.

You know, I never really made the connection before, but yeah, this sounds just like a Final Fantasy style thing. That said, Uematsu's a prog rocker, the Goblin influence is pretty clear on quite a few of his boss themes. Guess I'm coming from the same place there. Worth checking out a few of Goblin's scores btw, they're quite fantastic, especially Tenebrae and Profondo Rosso.

I liked this track, because it has a very subtle feel to it. I mean, it doesn't amaze me with some great climax, but it doesn't have to really. I enjoyed the beat and the little plucked synth that plays the melody throughout. The song is simple, and this is a simple review, but I have to say that you do your job well as a musician. I hope to hear more from you in the future, and I encourage you to continue with your musical pursuits -- who knows where you'll be in the future? Maybe you'll be independently contracting music for a game company or something.

I'm not too versed in this type of music, but I know what I like.


and a five vote!

DESHIEL responds:

Thanks for the encouragement Bosa. My goal is to improve and to be as much versatile as possible.
I don't find myself ready for some contracting or wider presentation, due to the fact that I don't have enough experience and musical versatility yet.

The way I progress is slow, because I was never very fond of tutorials and I can't even read notes (no musical background) But the love for music keeps me going and taking giant steps into the unknown.
Now if you take a look at my elder submissions, you can pretty much piece it up on your own :D


I feel as though I'm dancing with a ghoul at the high school dance of 1992 while listening to this. I love the reminiscent and nostalgic feeling that this song portrays -- I think I might of actually listened to something like this at a Halloween party in the early 90's.

The chords and instrumentation are both flawless in my opinion. As you may have guessed, the synth are perfect for my tastes, but I would have used power drums to give that '80's' feel to the song. You may have not actually wanted the song to sound vintage, but it does, so might as well roll with it eh? The guitar parts are also flawless, and I wouldn't change anything there.

The only thing that needs mixing/mastering are the drums, really. Like I said, change the kit to power drums (or vintage 80's drums) and lower the velocity just slightly. Also, I was disappointed with the ending. You would think that it's meant to loop with such an abrupt ending. You can edit the song however you like, so all of these are things to consider I suppose. But honestly, you are a master and I am a novice. I could learn a thing or two from you.


And a five vote from yours truly.

DivoFST responds:

Thanks Bosa, i am thinking on doing some changes before the deadline comes and your advises will surely come in handy. Im going to try a lot of new Strings these next few days and may end up changing the instruments and also im going to check other drums to see if i find any that sounds better.
Dude "I'm Saving Her Life" ia a master piece not a novice piece, i hope you are aware of that . If you don't get top 3 in this contest something is seriouly wrong!
Thanks again buddy and keep your good work!

From 0:01-0:13, I was in love with this song. If the whole song lost its electronic beat and instruments, then this track would have given me an entirely different impression than it did originally. It's just the dark graveyard feel of the low brass and eerie vibe of the woodwinds that made me feel like I was in a haunted mansion.

When the beat came in and introduced the electronic synths, my heart kinda sunk. My mood was completely demolished by a new image of some kind of Sonic the Hedgehog game. But, you designed this song the way that felt natural to you, and I can't argue against that!

I can really see this playing in the background of an action platformer game. You did a great job expressing a dark mood, and the synths add that extra feeling of excitement. You designed this specifically for a game, and you did a great job at that! The melody is pretty repetitive though, as there is little distinction in the track's composition besides just adding different instruments to play the same melody. But as I said, since this was designed for a game, it would play quite nicely in the background. Repetitive is good for action games, and it wouldn't draw your attention away from gameplay as much.

I really hope you make a classical song with Edirol soon, as I would really love to hear it. Your intro for this song was perfect at giving me a lamenting feeling (you almost made me forget that it wasn't Halloween yet). But again, I love this music and I enjoy your interpretations of what music should sound like in a game. You should be getting a ton of commissions after people hear this song.

4/5 Stars

And a five vote from Brother Bosa.

blackrose96 responds:

You pretty much hit the nail on the head.
I was trying to make something that wasn't memorable so as the song loops in the game, you wouldn't get tired of it even after prolonged gameplay. I never intended it to be a dark mood, it just happened and I love how it turned out.

I'm not sure of composing a classical song of my own. I have very little experience in the genre. I'm more of a rock/metal composer but I try to be as versatile as possible. I'll have to take the challenge! Your work really inspires me to do that!
Thank you for such kind words!

I'm not sure if I'm facing off against a leprechaun or a dwarf while listening to this, but one thing that I do know is that this song is comedy in its fullest form. I don't bash people about the quality of their programs or samples, so I mainly wanted to focus on the structure of the composition. Every musician like you and I have our own style, and I can clearly see the inimitable style that you express in the composition of this song. I mean, there are so many dynamic parts to this song, I would be here for quite a while if I was to pick at them all, so basically as a whole, this song represents exactly what I believe you were aiming for: something comical.

I honestly keep hearing 'Carol of the Bells' in here. I don't know if I'm crazy or not, but I swear I keep hearing that melody, although it's different. But anyways, I know you mentioned that this song is old, although while listening to it I feel as though it is an excellent reflection of your musical skills. I mean, the amount of detail you've put into each instrument is remarkable. I especially like the 'bounce' that the brass and pizzicato have; it just adds more to the comical feeling.

I would have liked to have heard more defined percussion. Your percussion in this song seems a little too whimsical for my liking, I would have liked to have heard more prominent cymbal and more definition on the snare drum. I did like the bass, gong, triangle, and metals; good way to add some dynamics to the track. Another thing that I was somewhat disappointed with was the ending. It was very abrupt and I was expecting it to continue or at least fade out, but it just kinda ends as if it was going to loop. I know this is old, and me mentioning the ending is probably annoying, so I'm not going to say too much more regarding that.

Did I mention that I liked this song and the dynamics of the instruments? You're really good at music like this, and I hope to hear more from you. Maybe more music that focuses on brass like this song does.

4.5 stars -- Only because I was somewhat disappointed with the ending.

And a five vote.


BenTibbetts responds:

Hi Bosa, thank you very much for the detailed review.

A piano played in the lower range is enough to make me feel as though I'm in a murky dream, and waiting patiently to wake up. The song is quite an underscore, as it is repetitive throughout the majority of the music, but this is a good thing considering what you were wanting to do with it. Besides, I always enjoy simple music more than I do complex songs.

You seem to have a talent for creating music that is relaxing; I honestly feel like sleeping to this at night. I would have liked to have heard some soft pads however -- just low and soothing enough to add to the atmosphere of the music. Maybe even a soft electric piano somewhere in there as well? Maybe it would disrupt the relaxing vibes, or maybe not.

I'm afraid I'm about to fall asleep while writing this, because the song has a magical effect on me. When I first heard the song, I imagined I was in a church. But after listening to it a couple of more times, it evolved into something different, and I believe that was what you were aiming for when you made it. You have no complaints from me.


LazyBucks responds:

Thanks a lot mate! Means a lot coming from you. In my next piece I'll add a few more things to it to build the atmosphere.

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