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Bosa's News

Posted by Bosa - February 9th, 2024

Love Never Ending

Out now on Spotify


My latest album has released on Spotify! I would REALLY appreciate it if you could go over there and listen! https://open.spotify.com/album/23veW9GTOESAoz6yilOst7

Just in time for Valentine's Day! It is a combination of my most romantic and poignant songs, easily accessible, and now you can enjoy my music when you're driving in your car or when you're working out in the gym and the person you like in there keeps giving you the run around. Perfect vibes for such situations.

As for what's next: I have two VERY NICE surprises coming your way in March and in April!




Posted by Bosa - January 19th, 2024

iu_1149091_1068922.pngMy latest track — “Her Eyes on You” — is finally released on Spotify & YouTube, so I really hope you take time to check it out!

It’s a bit of a throwback to my older stuff I used to produce here on Newgrounds, and it comes from a tender place in my heart lol.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0pUojOWOZl8MOmeGPVWPCv?si=JpESkprCRu-8-xQTR020PA

YouTubes: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=M5Dkapcd_Cs




Posted by Bosa - October 12th, 2023

Finally releasing some old tracks of mine from back in the day! Most of these have never been heard before as I did not post them to Newgrounds at the time, however better late than never!

I would really appreciate it if you would give these a listen and I am very thankful for your support over the years!

Big thanks to @pftq and @waterflame for help with the album art and distribution :)





Posted by Bosa - August 6th, 2016

Just got word last week that my song -- A Noble Girl -- is being considered for use in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. I have to say that I cannot believe how blessed I really am, and to think that if it was not for Newgrounds I would not be where I am today.


I suppose it's every musician's dream on Newgrounds to make their music a part of something amazing, but to actually come close to realizing this is beyond words. @TomFulp -- Newgrounds is the birthplace of my work, so I hope to continue supporting and contributing to the frontier site that paves the way for future artists.


Looking forward to great things ahead for our community. Have a great week and keep producing!


Posted by Bosa - September 4th, 2012

Click the link below to follow me on Newgrounds, and I will review your music. Be sure to comment on this newz post so I'll know you're following!

Follow me unto victory

I promise to vote fairly (no zero votes from me). I can also comment on your flash or art submissions as well if you want.

Before you start to work on your new song, decide what emotion(s) you want to receive from your audience. If you make that decision first, then it will be the foundation of your entire track and will help you greatly with your writing. I've found that in order for a song to be successful, it must aspire to trigger some sort of emotional reaction from its listeners, and that's my main focus when I release a new score.


Posted by Bosa - July 17th, 2007

QoE seems to be taking a long time, doesn't it? Well, I've had to add and change things in the game's script. Trust me, I'm not wasting my time either. I'm making sure this game will be worth playing, and I'm making sure the game's artwork is only top notch quality. I guess it's about time I post some valuable information about the game to keep you informed.

-The game will be placed in a fantasy-type world called Celestria and in the province of Domhail.

- The game will be 3rd person adventure. It'll be kind of like Griswold the Goblin or Hewitt.

- I plan on adding RPG elements into the game.

- Combat will be featured in the second part of the game.

- The story and design is completely from my imagination, so expect something different.

- Controlling Ferlon will be simple and easy to use. You may use the keyboard or mouse to move him (thanks to phantasmagor's revolutionary pathwalking system).

- Pointing and clicking just got easier! With QoE, interacting with the world is just one click away and you choose what Ferlon shall do.

- The game will feature unique dialogue options, along with easy to use inventory.

- The entire game will feature famous voice actors you know and love.

- The game's musical score is composed and directed by me. It will also feature the Johnson City Symphony in some parts. You may hear an example of them Here.

- The game will test your wits and sense. You will dwell into a world of corrupt pride, where only you and a few others see the truth. There will be much on your agenda and you must understand that some things in Celestria are not truly what they appear to be.

The game's release will still be a while away. I can't exactly give a release date at the moment, but I can say that it should be released this year, though again I can't say when. The first part's design is complete, the character art seems to be coming along nicely, the music is complete, the game's initial engine is complete, and voice acting has been completely assembled. Developing the scenes and backgrounds is what's taking so long. I definitely could use help in this department to speed things up, as I only have one BG artist working on the game. Since I mentioned help, and if you're up for the task, I think I should list some things you can do for me below:

- Animation (Animating Backgrounds)
- Background Artwork
- Art Editing
- Misc. Artist (Icons, interact-able items, etc.)

If you think you may be able to help, leave me a pm or a comment.

Quest of Eve