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I wasn't aware you were skilled with Flash as well Bosa! You seem to brim with talent my good sir! I look forward to this game, and with your musical talent, I also look forward to how it will sound! Let me know if you want help or anything, i'd love to compose a piece for it if possible.

Sure, man! I think you're gonna have to make a piece for it.

Hey, i hope you're as good at making flash as writing music!
By judging the landscape, i can already imagine the quality of the flash.
If you ever need help for anything, feel free to ask, and maybe i can help (especially if you want me to make a musical piece)

That picture is incredible. You made this in Flash? If so I am greatly impressed.

As for music, well I can't do such things. Well, unless you'd want a 30 second MIDI with no rhythm and it would suck. *beep boop beep beep boop* Yeah... you have the gift of music, bosa. Not I.

I guess that means I'll have to keep using your stuff! Quicker that way anyway.

Best of luck with the Flash. I'll definitely check it out when it comes out Also, I can't seem to add you to fav flash author as I don't see flash by you, so if you could drop me a line when it's out that would be awesome.

*beep boop boop beep beep* Ah, dammit. I tried.


Heh, dude I don't know why, but your flash is hilarious (including your reviews.)

Even though your amazing *beep boop beep* might not work, your comedy will. I'll get back to you.


lol I stopped stealing. =( dont hate me now.

Hey! I'm glad you've changed a bit. I don't hate you, I was just in a pissy mood at the time. Good luck in the future!


I'd help.

It's questionable as to whether or not my music would work well, as I'm more in a realm of fire/ helplessness/ sadness in my music, no idea how much that will help, seeing the serenity of the picture you've got there.

Eh, anyway, contact me back, I may be able to pull a serene song.


Ok, no problem.

Sick man! I'm sure if you make it It'll be great!

Well, we'll have to see!

Jon! It's great to see you've finally got this thing underway. Just to let you know, I've reclaimed my internet access. IM me some time.

Oh! He returns from a long wait.. a long wait indeed.

Wohow, damn! It certainly looks like you are as good at flash as you are at music producing, and that's really good! I really cannot wait for this to come out. I'll definately be watching out for it! Also, if it isn't any trouble, could you PM me when it comes out? I really want to see it ASAP! Judging by just this background, I'd say it's going to be within the top #5 "All time best scoring". What am I saying?! More like #1 All time best scoring! Well done!

OMG... is so pretty the image, I wanna do that in photoshop excelent image men ^_~

I would LOVE to do some music for your game :D But my style is a bit... Special.


wow thats pretty awesome :D
like everyone else said, you are overflowing with talent..especially in music i am impressed. i would love to see the flash, that image is pretty :)
-Vesta J

Can i join zero resistance i've been zero bombed before for no good reason and it hurts people who have just started flash or audio



Will you let me beta test it XD


Please count me in for the flash and 0 resistance!

Of course.

Both musical and flash skills...
Not fair.

PS: "Your Prelude" is the greatest song on NG!

I want in on this.
I really want to stop this zero bombing.

It happens a lot to me.

Hey just heard your song. really great, what is the game gonna be about. because that song touched my emotions... been a long time since something has done that. And i look forward to more of you submisions.

I'll release more information about the game when we get further in development.

Im looking forward for this one man, it seems that a great piece of art is coming, well, keep it up with the efforts, i've crossed my fingers, the music cant be nothing less than outstanding,
Hugs, Kaio.

I just wonder... Is Quest of Eve in a medieval-ish setting or is this something much more than I'd be expecting...? :)

It is a "medieval-ish setting." However, the artwork for the game will be very unique. Perhaps you'll like it, or perhaps not.

Wow Bosa, you always know how to please your public!!!! Outrageous!!!

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