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What is the music you used in this one?

Flashoons responds:

The piano track was "Touching Moment" by Wayne Jones. I found it in Youtube>Creator Studio>Audio Library. The rest of the sound effects are in the description above. (adding this one there too now)

Definitely reminds me of Mortal Kombat -- the stickman version. In fact, this wouldn't be a bad video game if a developer could pull off the same animations and cool effects. Anyway, the characters are very creatively designed and the 'choreography' is so fun to watch. I look forward to seeing more from you!

AshisAnimation responds:

thanks for liked my work..and yeah this is the 2nd part..and i uploaded already the 1st part here... and now in this days i am busy to create the 3rd part also..and i am sure you will like it too... thanks man :)

Now this is great! I enjoyed the ending as well -- a refreshing break from all the other weird and random submissions. I mean, random and unexpected endings are all right, but it gets old after a while. Good to see the hero win in the end!

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i literally morbed when he said "it's morbin time"

I thought I was about to play Escape from Monkey Island when the title screen popped up.. but then I realized I was really about to play a quiz game.

Lare responds:

I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

I really enjoyed this game and the message you're wanting to give through it. However, I felt as though the language was unnecessary.

It's an interesting perspective you have of the days after the rapture, and of those left behind. I'm not sure if this game truly glorifies God, but it is fun to play and experience. It's full of suspense, and it has very interesting characters developed throughout. I would recommend this game to anyone curious about Revelations or to anyone looking for a great point and click adventure game.

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Absolutely awesome track this time around! I know what you mean about those arps, and what you have here is perfect to my ears -- it really screams out that arcade and classic video game vibe, yet it's contemporary at the same time (which is a great accomplishment on your part).

There's actually some emotional depth to this -- resilience, determination, and a strong sense of purpose -- whether you realized it or not when you were producing it. To me, this is more than just video game music, it captures that essence of fighting to achieve your goal. I think you've done really great with this and I am glad I checked it out!

Random-storykeeper responds:

Thank you for listening and commenting! I don't do remixes super often, but I had a lot of fun doing this one.

I love Nexus, it sounds so professional — it goes without saying though, since you are an A+ producer.

The song definitely lifts my spirits, I must say! It flows so well and it doesn’t get hung up too long — it keeps moving and keeps things interesting. You add enough dynamics and your own distinguished stylistic choices to make this song very unique.

I love it!

I absolutely love the melodies you use here -- very interesting ideas at work! The only thing I was somewhat disappointed in was the ending, as it seemed to lack any satisfying conclusion -- instead opting for a fade out. Overall though, I enjoyed this and the Final Fantasy vibes I got from it!

Deemo-R responds:

Super happy you liked it! For you, Bosa, I will strive to create full endings and not do lazy fade-outs anymore, haha :D

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Beautiful work!

your art never ceases to amaze me! so much detail and hard work, i’m always impressed with everything i see from you.

This is great! You certainly are talented with your work. Beautiful art by a beautiful artist.

The bridge leading to Sanctuary?

DrSevenSeizeMD responds:

It is that bridge :-)

and thank you!

Hit me up anytime you want!

Jon Babb @Bosa



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