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What is the music you used in this one?

Flashoons responds:

The piano track was "Touching Moment" by Wayne Jones. I found it in Youtube>Creator Studio>Audio Library. The rest of the sound effects are in the description above. (adding this one there too now)

Definitely reminds me of Mortal Kombat -- the stickman version. In fact, this wouldn't be a bad video game if a developer could pull off the same animations and cool effects. Anyway, the characters are very creatively designed and the 'choreography' is so fun to watch. I look forward to seeing more from you!

AshisAnimation responds:

thanks for liked my work..and yeah this is the 2nd part..and i uploaded already the 1st part here... and now in this days i am busy to create the 3rd part also..and i am sure you will like it too... thanks man :)

Now this is great! I enjoyed the ending as well -- a refreshing break from all the other weird and random submissions. I mean, random and unexpected endings are all right, but it gets old after a while. Good to see the hero win in the end!

Very good point. Most people are too afraid to be themselves when around others, and our preference in music is often distorted by our desire to fit in.

By the way, Casting Crowns may not be my favorite Christian band, but I think you're cool for including them in the animation. Now, I'm off to listen to some sexy smooth jazz songs.

tylerghardin responds:

oh yeah, I'm no casting crowns fan. I went to a Christian school and their music got played ad infinitum. so basically I had to like them! I still like a couple of their songs, to be truthful.

and I'm very glad you liked it! thanks for the review!

Excellent work on this, man. However, it should not be rated E due to the language.

Wow, I haven;t seen you in a while! I actually used to work in a nursing home, so this made me chuckle quite a bit lol

What the heck? Someone of your skill and obvious experience should be working for Cartoon Network (perhaps with a little watering down, of course).

There's really nothing to critique here. Excellent audio, visual, and musical artwork.

Was this really necessary? I honestly feel as though you recorded this live.

EcKeL responds:

the music isn't mine and it isn't recorded live. none of the vid is recorded live. their song actualy sounds like this. i thought it fit for the concept of the vid. you know cause megaman di crack.

Just goes to show you where are tempting hearts take us. I actually found this little short amusing for clock day.


Well, I'm too speechless to say anything. All I can do is stand strong and vote five.

Foxcato responds:

Thanks for standing strong...

The best looking composer online.

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