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Your drug shall not consume me

You may think you have taken over the people on giving you a high score.. but, you have yet to consume my soul.

IsOnFire responds:

i believe shoe bottom is taken already, of sorry being!

the drug of ours has come a close, but saving is she!


Not bad, Not bad at all. You could have had some music in there though. And.. the story just goes too fast. Try to add more onto it like.. instead of saying, "Hey, we found your dad's killer. Come on down!" say um.., "Hey, there's a place down cooper street where this guy knows something about your father's killer." And try to add in why he killed the father. Get what I'm sayin'? I've only created about 5 flash movies and I don't intend on sumbitting them on newgrounds. But, I do write novels and books. If you need any help with creative storyline.. I'm the one to talk to.one more thing, check out my music and see if any of it would fit in your next movie.

Your friend, ßosa

fenix-00 responds:

I'm glad and you are right, i will e-mail you later, thankz a lot.


GASP!! I understand this! This is most brilliant work. It took me a while to understand exactly what the.. creature was doing. Brilliant work of art! I need to keep seeing these strange things. Even though.. it reminds me of Salad Fingers. WAIT!! This is a character from the episodes.. hm.. I learn something new every day.

Your Friend, ßosa

I have learned alot

For the last review from Subliminalis, Bushflash is the one who saubmitted this.. you dumbass.. excuse my language.

Anyways, I know your obsessed with what's going on in this world of ours.. I know that only every one can stop this madness in our lands. And, I am prepared to be on your side, to protest on this day. I shall not be a rebel.. yet, just a small follower who needless to say Stop all the deaths and sorrow. I am one.. who WILL do something about this.

Yours Truly, ßosa


LORDY! I laughed my ass off! I need you to make more.. because it reminds me of the Ripping Friends ▌

Your Firend, ßosa

AreSee responds:

i'm on it cheif! glad you enjoyed it.


This isn't bad enough for blam. But, not good enough for high rank. So... I'll have to decide with my crystal ball.

TheDevilsJoker responds:

"Ask Later"

EXCELLENT.. not really

Here it is.. another unexplained action flash with no storyline. Everything was good except that and how slow and stupid the characters were. You have to do better in the next one if you want some progress.

Your friend, ßosa

Whoa whoa WHOA!!

Dude, that was fucking awesome!!!! I laughed my ass off!!! I love these parodies!!

Small steps go far

Not bad. You just gotta make some more story into it. Like, why he drank the drink. Just add some more junk to it and it might turn out good.

Your friend, Jb

Exactly.. what I see

Yes! This is what the world will look like if I would rule it! Graphics.. swell, sound good, and.. storyline.. has no sense in it. Yet, it filled me with excitement. Good show and good luck on future develepmont.

The best looking composer online.

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