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Nice concept but no deaths

Deaths in fighting scenes is important! When that happens, you'll know who loses and who doesn't. I see your trying to create a series out of this.. the story is a little low... their should be more explination into it. One more thing, I noticed the white was a female and the black was a male... when did atoms have genders? The female seemed to kick ass.. now I know your probably a female without looking at your profile. Good luck on your series.

Hee hee!!

You have done the impossible.. you actually amused me! This is a work of art. Why not add some more to it eh? If you make one longer, you'll stop getting all these abusive reviews. Nice art but crappy animation.

Interesting in some ways

Not too shabby boy... I can see your future of flash.. about a mile away, you will have the eyes of the most brilliant flash creator in all of NG. Good show.


C'mon fellers! Only one killing? And the graphics makes me sick! You call this a promotional flash? Heh' no one is going to want to watch the real thing if the preview is this horrible.

Ha ha ha!

I love to see things die! You bring joy into my heart! create more like this and I'll slow down on my blamming sprees! For your first flash, it was excellent... yet.. I can see improvement in here.

A gigantic chunk of lard

Let me guess, you are the Amanda person.. right? Yes, the creator always kicks ass. Why don't we put you out there to face him for real? Won't that be fun to watch. Anyways, it sucked because there is no sound, pre loader, nor henchmen.


He would be perfect to assist me. Too bad he's not real. As far as the flash goes, it was good.. but the sound could have been a little better.


I have to admit.. it was good. That takes a lot to get out of me. Congragulations on getting both of your movies in the top 10.

A little freaky..

I had a few scares.. I admit. Yet, you could have done better with the ghosts and other paranormal beings. It would be much better if you had more freaky moments. Well, other than that, it was good. Congrats on all of your hard work and Merry Christmas.

Quite a good show for me

Ha ha!!! Very amusing. I enjoyed it very much. And just now noticed the 666 all over Satan's underpants.

The best looking composer online.

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