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Man, I don't know why..

But this movie reminds me of the "Ladie's Man." Them were the good times, they were. A good movie overall, and I love the series you've come up with. Very witty and charming at that. Speaking of charming.. the wang is wanting some love. So, I'm off for some ladies.


Alright man, I must say.. Your artwork is just terrific. I mean, I haven't seen such great work in drawings out of my entire life. Dude, you've got a good road ahead of you. I'll keep your name in mind, because you're the best artist I've ever seen.

Your Friend,

Hey, this is pretty good!

I was expecting something less from a small filesize, but you seemed to have done a great job with this! Sound's awesome, the artwork is decent, and the violence is fresh! I really like this!


GUTOONs responds:

thank you muchly


I feel like you put some hard work in this

But, who was the camera guy? Jeez. At least lay it on a table or something. Anyways, the fight sequence was a bit better and I respect your work. Therefore, Bosa wishes you well.

DaBigCow responds:

Thank you, The next one I make the camera won't shake, I actually just got a new camera.

Not Bad, Not Good Either

Work harder on the voice acting, and try to make it.. "not too random." We like things random, but not that random. Take some notes off of Family Guy. Also, respect towards you and good luck in the future.


Wonchop responds:

:( but I like random

Sorry, man

I cannot give you my approval that this is a good flash movie. Respect towards you, but try harder. Improve some story, sound, and most of all, the music. Good luck to you, and god speed.

Fion responds:

To be bluntly honest with you, I didnt really try. This was made in a few hours with a song I got off the net.

Getting better

Improvement has been made in here. You fixed the voice sync and made auto quality as well. Much better than the last one. You still need to improve a little on the graphics though. Try to make another flash movie with some better graphics. Don't get me wrong though, these graphics are decent!

Your friend, ßosa

Unknownsoldier71 responds:

Thanks for the constructive critcism and why is everone paying out on the grpahics there not that bad!
but frankly u rock for you too like Jimi Hendrix so blahhh


This is my childhood all over again!!! And for the last review by JuanCarlosII, YOUUUUU AREEE ONNN CRAAAACKKK!!

Awesome man..

I really liked this flash! Pretty random! Smooth graphics is the best here, but the sound could use some work. Overall: Good

ZooL152004 responds:

we told you we tried to fix the sound but we failed. we are sorry but we cannot fix it till after experience.


Awesome DDR music!

DoomGirlMeg responds:

Hee hee ^_^ thanks

The best looking composer online.

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