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I thought I was about to play Escape from Monkey Island when the title screen popped up.. but then I realized I was really about to play a quiz game.

Lare responds:

I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

I really enjoyed this game and the message you're wanting to give through it. However, I felt as though the language was unnecessary.

It's an interesting perspective you have of the days after the rapture, and of those left behind. I'm not sure if this game truly glorifies God, but it is fun to play and experience. It's full of suspense, and it has very interesting characters developed throughout. I would recommend this game to anyone curious about Revelations or to anyone looking for a great point and click adventure game.

I love this

I love text-based games like this because it allows your imagination to create the world for you in visualization. I feel like I'm reading an interactive audio book, and it's so easy to put yourself in the game world and into the character's shoes.

I would liked to have heard more diverse music and sound, but of course it is not necessary in order to enjoy this game.

Not too bad, but there are glitches and bugs.

At about wave 18 - after I killed all the enemies, the game would not progress any further. I was stuck in the arena and had to restart the game. It seems impossible to acquire the compound bow before wave 25, as 10,000 gold is a ridiculous number. It especially seems irrelevant to make a bow that costs 10,000 after a crossbow (that shoots arrows and not bolts) that costs 2,000. The game is not too difficult, and the enemies that reappear over you adds to the difficulty along with enemies that can take 200 arrows in their stomach before they die. When playing this game, I can imagine Conan the Barbarian coming out of the tree, being shot by 10,000 arrows from a $10,000 compound bow that shouldn't even be in existence yet, and live. I think you should make your own action film and distribute it across the globe along with your $10,000 compound bow, because this game totally matches with the impossible.


Hell yeah!! KICK ASS!!!

This would make Jesus cry and also would make the world explode if somebody could make a perfect score. This is making me too aroused, I need to go back to the game so I can go blind with amazement.

GirlFlash responds:

lol, thanks, arousal wasnt what I was going for but whatever floats your boat =p

btw, your music is awsome :D *gropes*

You forgot to put Bosa in the audio panel

This is a great game on all levels. The amount of detail should be enough to win the hearts of millions and even the gameplay itself is simple and appropriate for all ages. Yes, this is a plus to me.

TrueDarkness responds:

Hey man, really sorry about that. I couldn't distinguish who was who by looking at the numbers, so I just added the first 12 NG songs I had. But you definitely should be up there. Thanks so much for the song, and I'm really glad you like the flash. Thanks again, man :)


This thing generated my last name on spot. A conspiracy! This has to be a sign.. No more will I listen to idiots. Anyways, I've seen something like this before and it was banned. It was also kinda better because it was more like a madlib with a whole paragraph. Yet, don't go changing.. never let yourself down, and never leave what you look forward to. No matter what the fuck people say, they can go blow it out of their ass for all we care. Just.. don't go trying some new fasion, don't change. Always stick with your style, your type of creations. I hope to see an improvement in the future.

Your Friend,


Finnaly I get to whoop some Hitler Ass!

Yeah, I loved it. Especially at hard level. It's a bit too easy to get the top score, though. I need it to be more challenging!

Well, that was gameplay wise, now I will discuss the graphics. Quite good, they are.. even though they are just images, they are put together quite well. Kudos.

Sound. Can't say much.. it was good, but not my favorite. If you need music or sound effects, I'll help you out there.

Overall I gave it a nine. A fun and entertaining little game.. and a good diversity of characters.


Not much to say..

Not much to say because there's not much to it. It's a fun little minigame and it has great potential in its path. You know what would be a great addition to this game? If the little guys would fight eachother.


Eh.. Ehm..

I really don't think this is a good attempt. Too bad for you. Oh, how hard you slaved making this one. I think you should build up your experience a bit, then work on whatever crap farts in your head.

The best looking composer online.

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