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This is yet another.. masterpiece. Well, I had seen episode 1.. about 2 years ago. Then, I observed the others. When I played episode 10, I had been waiting for several months for ep. 11. Yes, ep. 11 was quite a good success you have made. And, I'm sure it took alot of patience to create. Also, if you need any sound effects or any other help.. just tell me. I may not be a good flash artist.. but, I can help you with various things. Finnaly, feel free to use my music if neccesary. Good luck on episode 12. Oh, one more thing.. I would like to get to know that xwaynecoltx guy. See you when I bump into you.

Violet-AIM responds:

Hey Bosa, sorry for responding so late. I sometimes don't check back on my old reviews and lately I haven't been on that much. Yeah, it seemed to take awhile before ep.11 came out. Thanks for being patient. I might need some sound fx later. I see you've got quite a lot of songs to pick from. I'll be working some more on ep.12 later. :)


You've really out done yourself this time. I've always wanted to explore the rest of the Motel. All I can say is this... It is a masterpiece. I'm foaming out of the mouth for ep. 12

Violet-AIM responds:

Thanks Bosa123. It seems like about a month since you had watched and reviewed ep.1, and now you get to see ep.11. You didn't have to wait that long like the other viewers. I did think it was about time to let Joseph return back to the motel since that is kinda his home, though he doesn't have to stay put there and is free to roam around the ghostly world. I've started working on ep.12, so hopefully it will be out sometime in the near future.

Not bad

Don't worry.. I'm not going to blam this thing. I actually enjoyed it! Didn't get bored playing. Good luck on your future development on the game.

For your first dress up...

Ok.. I'm not going to get you blammed on your first dress up. But, I better see improvement! The music was awful.. breast interactivity was good... but no vagina interactivity. And, did you happen to be 16 when you created this? If it shows nude young girls, then you should be 18 or older.. not 16 or older. The creator can be any age.. but the viewers... Anyways, Good luck on your future development.

Uhh... yeah

All these girls do look like men. There are plenty of bugs, crappy animation, difficult to have sex, boring to play, and most of all.. what have you done to Tifa? She looks like a goofy moron because of you! It may took time to figure this out, but, you need to do better than this! I know you can do better. That is all.

The first flash I seen

This, believe it or not.. was the first flash movie I have ever seen in my entire life. I loved it to start with. I viewed all the episodes except ep. 11 which is in the making I hope. I would like to congragulate Violet-Aim and.. umm... whatever that other guy's name was. And I can understand why the voices were crappy because of the not to well equipment you had. A lot of people have been complaining about it.

Violet-AIM responds:

Wow, I'm surprised that this is the first flash you've seen. Glad you liked it. I'm sure you've seen that there is much better flash out there. Yeah, ep.11 is in the making. I'm hoping to get it done sometime in Jan. '05. The other guy's name is XwaynecoltX. Thanks for taking the time to watch all the episodes Bosa123!!

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