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I'm starting to believe this isn't a good tutorial..


Every step you take there's an egg

I really like this game. You have a good talent. I can't wait to see what your next stuff will be!

Buzzwerd responds:

Fruit Wars. Wait for it :D

I just noticed..

That I have been wasting my time with this. Pointless is your talent. You have my respects, but work harder on such a thing.

Pretty good.

I understand the ways of artwork. So, I give you a tooty fruity 4! The music wasn't my style, but the game itself was good. But, you know what would be awesome? If there was a button that said, "Put Together!" and it put the lightsaber together where you could carry it around and swing it and stuff without it falling apart! Great game though!

Uh oh..

No! The time machine! I made it that far.. I beat the master!! Only to fail!! I was so upset.. yet.. I was still upset that I had to like Ami.. I got Tomoko to love me.. but, I still couldn't take HER to the prom!! What is up with that? Anyhow, I do understand how Ganguro Girl made a high profit over your ideas. Yet, ideas are not copyrighted.. unless you did copyright your ideas. You may do as you wish.. even though I defeated you, the artwork is so excellent, the sound could use a little improvement, the game was just so intense.. it sent chills down my spine. Not really, but, it was still a masterpiece to me.. and Ganguro Girl deserves to die. Speaking of which, I almost drowned today.. it was not very fun.

Your best friend, ßosa

sim-man responds:

Those are all jokes!! I mean they are just some silly excuses for the final boss to mess with you. Thank you!


You fixed it! The glitch I talked about in the last Expedoinge! Keep up the good work!

Are you trying to top off Powerfox?

Anyways, it would be good except.. it needs alotta upgrades. As crackakilla said, "It's too ez to die in this game" Well, I agree with him. The enemy's health bar hardly goes down. And you only have a few hits until your dead. Is that right?

HaR har!

I love all of your games! They are better than.... than anything! Yet, I believe I'm in love with that voice... it is so sexy. I must know who's voice that is! If it's a stupid computer voice.. then.. CRAP MAN. As I said before, don't worry about what other people say on you shitting on Frank's adventure series.. follow your own path and you'll see a better future. But please.. I MUST KNOW THE VOICE!!

Your friend, ßosa


Yeah man! I'm in love with this. And your right, you can create what you want when you want.. nobody commands you.. I feel the same way. You take your paths with no obstacles no matter what anybody says. That's what makes you a man. I'm glad to see your site back up and hope you'll get some better future development.

Your friend, ßosa


I knew that monkey was a homo. No wonder he pops up looking for a friend to fuck!!! He'll do it with female or male!! I KNEW IT!! You have the mind of a god. Keep making more of this shit and you'll see some business rolling in your way. Also, that song reminded e of that day when I was 14 and my girlfriend went with my cousin. GOOD WORK~~~!!!

Yours truly, ßosa

The best looking composer online.

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