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Musical Advice

Posted by Bosa - September 4th, 2012

Click the link below to follow me on Newgrounds, and I will review your music. Be sure to comment on this newz post so I'll know you're following!

Follow me unto victory

I promise to vote fairly (no zero votes from me). I can also comment on your flash or art submissions as well if you want.

Before you start to work on your new song, decide what emotion(s) you want to receive from your audience. If you make that decision first, then it will be the foundation of your entire track and will help you greatly with your writing. I've found that in order for a song to be successful, it must aspire to trigger some sort of emotional reaction from its listeners, and that's my main focus when I release a new score.



fair enough deal i guess

Thanks, brothhaa

Sure, sounds like a good way to get some nice advice on my stuff :)
Review me brah! xD


Comin atcha!

Absolutely, I'd love to have your thoughts on my music.

You got it!

Woah, what a genius marketing maneuver...Hmm...

So what if people were ALREADY following you before reading this post? :p

Then I promise to review your next song! If you're already following me, just post here anyways and I'll review your music.

So let's scratch each others backs! You have some interesting works and I would love to give and take feedback with you. Considered yourself followed!

I thank thee! I shall get to reviewing, m'lord!

You deserved to be followed anyway so...free reviews xD

Yes sir! Right away, sir!

one fresh review to the table numba three pls.

Coming right up.

Well, I haven't put much up in a while, but I'd love it if you had a shufty through my stuff. I don't insist however, there's a lot of silly tat in among the ones I took more seriously, but eh. I respect your music, I'd respect your opinion on anything I did as well. ;)

Aye aye, captain!

You hath been followed, good sir and master of music.

Affirmative, sir!

I don't know how I missed your follow button in the past, but consider it pressed now!

(Also, if you must review, please review my NGADM Round 1 submission, not the more recent stuff, if you don't mind, unless you really have something to say about them, for I feel they are inferior, and the song fits more in your area of expertise anyways.)

In any case, cheers!

Of course!

What. I just realised now that I wasn't following you. Why wasn't I following you. D:

Oh well, followed now!

Great news, m'lord!

Thou hast gained another follower.

Thou art very gracious to remain mine friend.

Bosa! What is all this talk about reviews and commenting?

I reviewed your music, sir.

Followed and PM sent. You don't have to review my music if you don't want to. I have something else cookin for ya. ;)


Huh. I would much enjoy a review or two if you feel up for it.

Excellent news, sire!

I'd really appreciate a reviewing of some of my work.
But one way or the other, you've gotten a new follower.

Y'all herd dat

I hope you like my songs as much as I like yours :)

I'm sure I will, sir.

Well I hope you like my music :)


Awesome work. Thx for good entertainment - pleased to follow!

I have responded to your requests with great interest.

I like your music, will follow you to hear what else you come up with.

Thank you, sir!

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