Musical Advice

2012-09-04 11:49:02 by Bosa

Click the link below to follow me on Newgrounds, and I will review your music. Be sure to comment on this newz post so I'll know you're following!

Follow me unto victory

I promise to vote fairly (no zero votes from me). I can also comment on your flash or art submissions as well if you want.

Before you start to work on your new song, decide what emotion(s) you want to receive from your audience. If you make that decision first, then it will be the foundation of your entire track and will help you greatly with your writing. I've found that in order for a song to be successful, it must aspire to trigger some sort of emotional reaction from its listeners, and that's my main focus when I release a new score.


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2012-09-04 12:34:31

fair enough deal i guess

Bosa responds:

Thanks, brothhaa


2012-09-04 20:23:26

Sure, sounds like a good way to get some nice advice on my stuff :)
Review me brah! xD


Bosa responds:

Comin atcha!


2012-09-05 22:01:12

Absolutely, I'd love to have your thoughts on my music.

Bosa responds:

You got it!


2012-09-06 07:00:30

Woah, what a genius marketing maneuver...Hmm...

So what if people were ALREADY following you before reading this post? :p

(Updated ) Bosa responds:

Then I promise to review your next song! If you're already following me, just post here anyways and I'll review your music.


2012-09-11 01:34:56

So let's scratch each others backs! You have some interesting works and I would love to give and take feedback with you. Considered yourself followed!

(Updated ) Bosa responds:

I thank thee! I shall get to reviewing, m'lord!


2012-09-12 10:55:25

You deserved to be followed anyway reviews xD

Bosa responds:

Yes sir! Right away, sir!


2012-09-13 06:59:54

one fresh review to the table numba three pls.

Bosa responds:

Coming right up.


2012-09-15 15:58:45

Well, I haven't put much up in a while, but I'd love it if you had a shufty through my stuff. I don't insist however, there's a lot of silly tat in among the ones I took more seriously, but eh. I respect your music, I'd respect your opinion on anything I did as well. ;)

Bosa responds:

Aye aye, captain!


2012-10-08 22:21:38

You hath been followed, good sir and master of music.

Bosa responds:

Affirmative, sir!


2012-10-23 17:21:36

I don't know how I missed your follow button in the past, but consider it pressed now!

(Also, if you must review, please review my NGADM Round 1 submission, not the more recent stuff, if you don't mind, unless you really have something to say about them, for I feel they are inferior, and the song fits more in your area of expertise anyways.)

In any case, cheers!

Bosa responds:

Of course!


2012-11-07 21:17:20

If you never 0-vote once in your life then you are not a Newgrounder! Ahem, already following you since 2008.

Bosa responds:



2012-11-13 17:39:09

What. I just realised now that I wasn't following you. Why wasn't I following you. D:

Oh well, followed now!

Bosa responds:

Great news, m'lord!


2012-11-16 12:01:26

Thou hast gained another follower.

Bosa responds:

Thou art very gracious to remain mine friend.


2012-11-30 10:54:28

Bosa! What is all this talk about reviews and commenting?

Bosa responds:

I reviewed your music, sir.


2012-12-03 11:36:22

Followed and PM sent. You don't have to review my music if you don't want to. I have something else cookin for ya. ;)

Bosa responds:



2012-12-19 12:27:18

Huh. I would much enjoy a review or two if you feel up for it.

Bosa responds:

Excellent news, sire!


2012-12-24 11:30:46

I'd really appreciate a reviewing of some of my work.
But one way or the other, you've gotten a new follower.

Bosa responds:

Y'all herd dat


2012-12-24 22:57:01

I hope you like my songs as much as I like yours :)

Bosa responds:

I'm sure I will, sir.


2012-12-25 11:37:12

Well I hope you like my music :)

Bosa responds:



2012-12-25 21:07:47

Awesome work. Thx for good entertainment - pleased to follow!

Bosa responds:

I have responded to your requests with great interest.


2013-01-04 03:25:18

I like your music, will follow you to hear what else you come up with.

Bosa responds:

Thank you, sir!


2013-01-06 21:06:26

This made me figure out how to follow users in general...gah I'm slow. I flavorited you and a couple of the other great guys who commented on this post.

Bosa responds:



2013-01-07 14:41:43

I don't have anything posted yet ,but I have been working on many projects. I can't wait for the criticism

Bosa responds:

I wait in anticipation!


2013-01-09 10:35:51

Just added you to my favorites! If you choose a song, I would prefer A New King. Also, it's cool if you don't get around to it :P

Bosa responds:

I shall!


2013-01-11 20:08:55

Following/favourited. You make great songs. You're an inspiration.

Bosa responds:

Thank you, sir. I am the least of all.


2013-02-04 12:43:43

Gave you a follow. You make some great pieces of music, and I'm definitely going to give more of your stuff a listen. :)

Bosa responds:

Excellent, my lord!


2013-02-19 10:16:46


Bosa responds:

I shall indeed!


2013-03-03 19:02:56

Followed. You make some quality music. Now tear my audio apart!

Bosa responds:



2013-03-12 03:18:28

rad stuff DUDE!

Bosa responds:



2013-03-13 06:28:59

Favorited. But you're definitely worth much more than this.

Bosa responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate that, friend.


2013-03-24 00:24:51

Followed, you make beautiful music.

Bosa responds:

Thank you! I appreciate your support always!


2013-03-27 23:53:19

I love you're music. I image it in the background in epic video game battles.
I don't know if you're even into the type of music I make but it would be cool for you to check it out.
Nice to know you're not an asshole 0-bomber as well :)

Bosa responds:

Zero bombing is way below me. I've suffered through it since the day I signed up on this website. But anyways, I'll check out your music of course.


2013-06-23 19:10:02

You've been the king of the genre That I aspire to master, and I'd really like some advice from one of the best on this site to improve whether it be production-wise or music-wise.

Bosa responds:

Of course, sir. Give me just a moment!


2013-06-25 14:03:07

Hello. You make great music. I usually just lurk around for epic orchestral pieces in the audio portal. I haven't made anything new but if you have the time could you review some of my tracks?

Bosa responds:

I will review your track, sir.


2013-07-03 01:33:44

Hey, you're the guy that nominated Nimble for the Underdog List!

As far as composing goes, I do whatever I feel like doing. Often what I feel like doing is chiptune, but that's not all I do.

Bosa responds:

I will review one of your songs, sir.


2013-07-05 12:13:47

I clicked that link, do I get cookie?

Bosa responds:

You receive more than a cookie, my friend. A review is coming to you.


2013-07-17 04:51:38

cool. Can you post a few words on my NGADM audition

(Updated ) Bosa responds:

Yes. By the way, could you give me a link to the song? I can't seem to find it.


2013-07-17 04:53:29

gratz with thousand fans

(Updated ) Bosa responds:

Thank-you. Never thought I would see the day...


2013-07-23 13:46:41

I've been composing for 2 years now and I really feel that some musical advice will help me a lot.

Bosa responds:

I will be happy to help. If there is a specific song you would like me to review, let me know. Otherwise I will just pick one!


2013-08-18 23:17:17

but, I already following you since 2008... please, good sir, spare me some candy?

(Updated ) Bosa responds:

Of course, my noble lord. You have been my vassal long enough to be worthy of such an honor.


2013-08-30 03:29:38

ive been listening to your orchestral works and i feel i can learn something new from you :)
so please would you listen to this WIP

Bosa responds:

Of course, my good man.


2013-09-11 10:57:49

You're already following Bosa!

Bosa responds:

Which song did you want me to review?


2013-09-13 08:03:17

Seems like a good deal to me =)

Bosa responds:



2013-10-03 14:26:55

Lol i think it would be cool to review something of mine, but you should choose other people over me because most of my stuff sucks. Lol i mean like its all pretty much experimental and i didn't really know what i was doing/ messing around. But if u wanna see some crazy shizz then every one please look at my small collection of art! XD

Bosa responds:

I shall review something of yours, my good man.


2013-10-30 14:27:52

woot, didn't know you are the primary school teacher. Don't get too excited :D

Bosa responds:

It's hard not to be!


2013-12-19 23:52:19

If I could ask, what do you use to make your music? I'm interested in trying to make songs of my own but I don't know where to get started. Perhaps some advice, maybe?

Bosa responds:

If you know how to write music, then I would recommend you get Finale or Sibelius if you do not already have it. If you do not know how to write music, then I would recommend you get FL Studio and learn how to use it.

Something you have now that I did not have when I started making music is YouTube. I am sure there are tons of informational videos about FL Studio on YouTube to get you started. When it comes to music production, be prepared to spend money in order to obtain high quality products. What type of products I would recommend would depend on your preferred genre. I have spent over $8,000 in obtaining the software that I have today.

My biggest advice to you is to be yourself when it comes to music. What makes you stand out the most is when you do not imitate the music you hear on the radio and instead you create your own original sound. Whether you create classical music or electronic music, make sure people will remember you.


2013-12-21 22:01:51


Bosa responds:



2014-02-08 21:07:03

I've been enjoying your music ever since I first found the Newgrounds Audio Portal, and I continue my staunch support to this day. I have just released my first audio track, and I would be honored if you were the first to review it.

Bosa responds:

Indeed I shall.