Entry #3

Music Considered for Olympic Games

2016-08-06 02:26:40 by Bosa

Just got word last week that my song -- A Noble Girl -- is being considered for use in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. I have to say that I cannot believe how blessed I really am, and to think that if it was not for Newgrounds I would not be where I am today.


I suppose it's every musician's dream on Newgrounds to make their music a part of something amazing, but to actually come close to realizing this is beyond words. @TomFulp -- Newgrounds is the birthplace of my work, so I hope to continue supporting and contributing to the frontier site that paves the way for future artists.


Looking forward to great things ahead for our community. Have a great week and keep producing!


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2016-08-06 03:14:35

Grats dude! Tell them Newgrounds is a good place to look for good musicians period :P

Bosa responds:

lol it's time to make Newgrounds great again.


2016-08-06 08:22:46

Oh wow! Do you know where it might be getting used during the Olympics?

Bosa responds:

They won't tell me until they make their decision. It could really be used for anything -- human interest pieces, trailers and recaps, etc. I'll let you and everybody know where it is used though!


2016-08-06 09:42:23

Yeah ! Bosa ! Bosa ! Bosa !

In all seriousness, i would have thought something like that would have happened earlier, but, hey, better late than ever.

Maybe next time, you will be asked to write a national anthem :p

Anyways, great to see you're doing this good !

Bosa responds:

As always, thank you sir. It's certainly been a long road leading up to this moment for sure.


2016-08-06 12:23:28

wow congrats!

Bosa responds:



2016-08-07 09:47:23

Dude, that's crazy. Another Newgrounds success story.

Bosa responds:



2016-08-09 11:57:29

That's so awesome!
Any update of when/where they will use it?

Bosa responds:

I should hear something either this Friday or this weekend. I really hope it makes it through.


2016-08-24 02:04:45

That's pretty awesome but well deserved. I almost thought you were joking at first.

Bosa responds:

Lol, I can see why.


2017-02-21 12:10:20

Now this is pretty awesome news! :D Congrats! Wonder if it did get used somewhere? Been a while since the last update...

Bosa responds:

Good things are in store sir! Thank you for the encouragement!


2017-07-27 18:13:10

Just dropping by to say you are insanely talented. That is all.

Bosa responds:

Thank you so much!


2017-08-17 05:39:36

Good to hear! Looking forward to good things!

Bosa responds:

Yes sir! Thank you!