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Music Considered for Olympic Games

Posted by Bosa - August 6th, 2016

Just got word last week that my song -- A Noble Girl -- is being considered for use in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. I have to say that I cannot believe how blessed I really am, and to think that if it was not for Newgrounds I would not be where I am today.


I suppose it's every musician's dream on Newgrounds to make their music a part of something amazing, but to actually come close to realizing this is beyond words. @TomFulp -- Newgrounds is the birthplace of my work, so I hope to continue supporting and contributing to the frontier site that paves the way for future artists.


Looking forward to great things ahead for our community. Have a great week and keep producing!



Grats dude! Tell them Newgrounds is a good place to look for good musicians period :P

lol it's time to make Newgrounds great again.

Oh wow! Do you know where it might be getting used during the Olympics?

They won't tell me until they make their decision. It could really be used for anything -- human interest pieces, trailers and recaps, etc. I'll let you and everybody know where it is used though!

Yeah ! Bosa ! Bosa ! Bosa !

In all seriousness, i would have thought something like that would have happened earlier, but, hey, better late than ever.

Maybe next time, you will be asked to write a national anthem :p

Anyways, great to see you're doing this good !

As always, thank you sir. It's certainly been a long road leading up to this moment for sure.

Dude, that's crazy. Another Newgrounds success story.


That's so awesome!
Any update of when/where they will use it?

I should hear something either this Friday or this weekend. I really hope it makes it through.

That's pretty awesome but well deserved. I almost thought you were joking at first.

Lol, I can see why.

Now this is pretty awesome news! :D Congrats! Wonder if it did get used somewhere? Been a while since the last update...

Good things are in store sir! Thank you for the encouragement!

Just dropping by to say you are insanely talented. That is all.

Thank you so much!

Good to hear! Looking forward to good things!

Yes sir! Thank you!

Hope everything is going well with you!

Everything is going pretty well, and I will have some new music available soon. Thank you very much for checking in; come back and talk anytime!

That is so cool. Amazing accomplishment :)