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I liked it, anyways. I tried to boost your score back up with a five vote, but it seems as though a bunch of crackheads zero voted you into oblivion.

JJM121 responds:

Thanks, Bosa. It's really starting to get annoying with the zero-voters...

I'm always reminded of Age of Empires II when I hear your music.

Deflektor responds:

Is that so ?
Well, being a fan of the games, i appreciate the comparison !
Thank you !

I have nothing but adoration for this song. It has that very distinctive 'Awesome' sound! Every instrument you've used aids each other in a subtle, yet satisfying way that really brings out the cheerful theme you were going for. Great work. :D

I shall voteth five, sir.

stunkel responds:

Oh thanks! Glad you liked it so much. I really appreciate the compliments and everything.

Thanks for the review!

Wow, and excellent work. It has that creepy feeling at the beginning, and then it kinda takes a whole new direction after 0:40.

I love the feel of this song, and the 'fluttering' feeling of the synth instruments add more depth to the overall design of your arrangement.

I shall voteth five.

Very emotional, in a sense. It has that Final Fantasy feel, which I'm sure is what you intended.

I guess the only think I believe should improve is the production quality of the instruments. Perhaps someday, when you become really good, you will invest in some high quality VST instruments.'

Excellent work! I will vote five.

Mellow, joyful, underscore, minimal, and special. Those are the words that I would use to describe this song. I can tell you worked especially hard on the string ensemble.

I would recommend using more portamento and slurs legato if you are using live instrumentation, however -- that would give the vins a lot more expression and fluidity.

I know you spent a while designing what sounds you wanted to be included, and you can never go wrong with the traditional-sounding orchestra to produce a rich Christmas song that is both inspiring and heart warming. Good work, my dear friend.

Influenced by Koji Kondo, I see. Edirol Orchestral is an excellent way to begin your dive into classical music, and I highly recommend using it as a starting point along with soundfonts.

The music reminds me of a new beginning, or the revealing of spring and the business that it entails after a long winter. I could definitely hear this in a Japanese developed game like Harvest Moon or Legend of Zelda.

This is a deathly blow to the audio portal.

I must say, what could cause a man to conceive such rubbish into musical form? I believe you would be better off drawing nude cartoons and satisfying the lusts of men rather than "composing" music in Reason. Perhaps if I had the humor of a fifteen-year-old I would enjoy this, but I have more respect for the art of music and I honor work that goes beyond the kitschy elementary.

I will not zero vote this, but I do hope you consider taking a serious look into the wondrous world of music. Perhaps someday you will score music that will inspire and push humanity forward instead of revealing the stupidity of our age. I hope that we will both move towards wisdom.

Reminds me of the Terminator.

Metroid Prime is a good game, and I'm glad that you are so diverse in your musical style. I'd say that you could almost do about anything with music. The synth sounds just added to the positive and determined atmosphere that is portrayed throughout the song.

I would of liked to of heard more refined and expressive brass instruments, though. The french horns seem lacking without any wind power.

I give unto thee... 4.5 out of 5 stars, and a Five VOTEDETH

Step responds:

Whoops, sorry for taking so long to answer. Thanks a lot for the great review! Yeah I was never really that satisfied with East/West Symphonic Orchestra's brass. Ah well!

Glad you like it man.

I am simply swept away. This is how the original song should have been in my opinion. It's amazing how different a song can sound when edited in such a way.

headphoamz responds:

Thank you so much Bosa <3

The best looking composer online.

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