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Did I just walk into a dimension that involves you being a walking, talking, stalking lady killer? I mean with this song in your portfolio, what in this world can't you accomplish? Multiple wives and multiple love affairs are all yours with this playing in the background.

This does remind me of the late 90's or early 2000's. From 0:00-0:37; I can hear this playing in a biker bar. From 0:37-1:15; I can hear this playing while Buoy is spilling his mac. Oddly from 1:15 and on, the music's velocity decreases as if someone is about to speak in a movie. Perhaps this is making room for one of your famous pickup lines? I don't know, but I love everything about this song. Your talent is unmatched in my opinion, and nobody can express manhood or 'cool' like you can. You should have been the musician behind Johnny Rocketfingers.

I can't really find anything wrong with this track. It has one purpose and you've performed exquisitely. Without vocals, I couldn't really tell you what it reminds me of -- there are so many images flashing through my mind. Maybe I just need to chill?


I enjoyed this piece. I can see Don Quixote de la Mancha riding onwards to some fabricated adventure while listening to this. I really don't have much to say because the song is simple at what it does and its style is obvious, so there's no need for me to tell you something you already know.

I never criticize someone by the programs they use or the quality of their production, but I can't help but point out one simple flaw in this song. At 1:37 and on, the excitement that I'm sure you're wanting to build is cut in half by the quality of the samples used here. I'm pretty sure I know which program you used at this point, so I know the limitations you are restricted to. But don't let such things discourage you. I was furious at the ending of my song (which was non-existent) but the amount of effort and devotion that was poured into the music is what matters the most, whether the listeners/judges are aware of it or not.

As long as you and I continue to do our best to lift other people up instead of ourselves, we will be rewarded greatly. I'm sure you agree that this website could use some direction, and the more your music expresses selfless, devoted, and hard work, the better the reward. People on this site appreciate good quality work, and we can use that to our advantage.

But anyways, I really enjoyed this song. I'll keep in touch.

BlazingDragon responds:

The Don Quixote image fits the piece very well. I hadn't thought of that. :)

Unfortunately, the deadline forced me to write the ending in about ten minutes. It didn't turn out as I had wanted, and the brass samples from EastWest just can't pull off what I hear internally. I'll go back and fix the ending when I finish this piece though.

I agree with your sentiment about hard work and lifting other people up. It is a goal for me to write music that inspires people or otherwise makes them experience emotion and feel more alive.

Thank you, Bosa.

I can think of two things while listening to this: one is the amount of effort that you've no doubt spent in making the song, and the other is the movie 'Big Fish.'

I can tell you really liked using bells, as it is definitely the dominant instrument throughout the whole song. You actually sorta mask Danny Elfman in some parts in the song (without the repetitive arrangements). Although I like bells, I felt as though this song may have overemphasized them and I would have liked to have heard the piano taking lead more often; I felt as though the glockenspiel was overpowering the piano quite a bit. Also at 3:05, the piano is playing a curious melody, but it is too low to be truly appreciated. So basically to make a long story short, increase the piano's volume! You are really expressing your talent with these wonderful melodies!

The addition of the flute at around 2:34 was excellent and it came at exactly the right moment. The song took a turn towards light drama, and I do hope you make more like this in the near future. Everything about this song is beautiful, and since I never focus on the quality of samples or the instruments, I can truly appreciate the composition skill in which you're expressing with this track. Also, maybe you should try to blend electronic with classical for your next masterpiece? Maybe make something neo-orchestral (which is the genre I stick to the most and which I love).

Overall, you are a master. 5 Votus from Bosa Brutus.

I could sit here and listen to this for hours, and I'm being literal. I honestly don't know what else to say... I'm just too amazed by this song.

Kor-Rune responds:

Thank you! I really appreciate that you can stand more than one listen! I will polish this more in time, but I'm glad you like it now!

Thanks again for the review!

You know, I never look at someone's sound programs as a deciding factor in my reviews. But I must say, at the beginning I honestly had the feeling that I was sitting in front of a royal string ensemble, but before I realized I was in front of the computer, I thought I would take advantage of the moment and enjoy the comfort of my kingly baroque throne.

But anyways, I wish I was as inspired as you are. Who knows what I could create with such inspiration. I am so glad there is a true classical musician on Newgrounds who is willing to offer his musical skill to entertain a snobbish and brutish fellow such as myself.

I give thee a vote of five.

descara responds:

Thanks for the kind words and a funny review, haha. Spent some time on the MIDI to say the least, glad it sounds convincing!

By the way, are you in the RAC as well, or is it just the ADM? If you are, I shudder to think of it!

At the beginning, it kinda reminds me of the 1990s and when I was a kid. I remember watching the Highlander tv series and this song reminded me of it. But then, the orchestral rock comes in and it takes it to a whole new level.

A very good orchestral rock song, I must say; it gives an epic vibe. You are very talented at what you do.

EbonHawk7X responds:

Thank you! Your piece for the first round was incredible; both you and Samulis are very talented and I'm sure you'll give him a run for his money. I'm really glad you liked the guitar, it took a bunch of tries to get it sounding decent but I guess it paid off!

Love, love, love it! I'm being honest, listening to your music brings back memories of my windows 98 days. I think you're quickly becoming one of my favorite audio artists on this site.

Love the classic 90's feeling you had going here when you made this song. I can tell it's rare novelty from you, and I truly enjoyed listening to this.

Truly an epic and historical tale that is worthy to be taught in our schools today. I am quite surprised that you are so well versed in Orchestralian and Newgrounds history! Scholastic!

I cannot wait to hear the end of this noble legend. But on a more technical note, I very much enjoyed this piece. You really have developed your own inimitable style, and that is how you succeed in my opinion. I really don't see anything wrong with the structure of the composition, and I can tell you paid close attention to the instruments' detail. However, I feel a lamenting feeling while listening to this -- you portray the realism and truth of the story very well.

samulis responds:

I couldn't resist building around the storyline you presented... I figured my more peaceful style would fit better as a prelude than a continuation... we'll know the results of the war when the round is over!

I find slow sorrowful music is one thing I can do well... violin + signature ridiculous timpani part + something in 7/8 pretty much sums up my style in its distilled form. XD

I guess we got that collaborative project in then... first half here, second half on your page.

Thanks for the review man, can't wait to see what the judges think on these pieces!

You know, it sort of reminds me of Donkey Kong with the slurs of the classic synth. I'm not well versed in this kind of music, but I must say that the melody is something that will stick in my head for a while :)

OpenLight responds:

Awesome! Out of curiosity (believe me I'm reaaaally happy with the 9/10) what could I do for the 10/10 on this song? I'm always looking to improve.

Thanks for the review! I'm happy to be compared to Donkey Kong music haha.

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