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I'm quite tired, so I'll make it quick

You seem to have quite some knowledge on the base of music. You have my eye..

ßosa, the New Revolution

MaestroSegments responds:

Thank you Bosa, to be honest I havn't studied any form of music theory, but I like to think I know enough to get by ;).

Thanks for the review.


This is quite a joyful song. It's got a video game ring hanging on it. Plus, this is a great track! Every one who's reading this.. please give this a fair rating and review. This man has worked hard on this. I'm sure. So.. I must be off to submit some more tracks.

Your friend, ßosa

AdmiralConquistador responds:

It does have a bit of video game to it doesn't it? Thanks for the great review man, and yea people rate fairly or else... I'll do nothing about it but steam in my chair. Arggg!

Again, thanks for your review!


Gets better and better every second! Kinda sounds like Age Of Empires at first. And, I might use one of your tunes in one of my licsensed games. If you don't mind. Don't worry, your name will be credited and my game will be sold everywhere.

Your friend, ßosa

Rucklo responds:

Hey man! Of course u can use my stuff, but please tell me if u will, so I can fix up the quality and send u a wav-file instead of crappy mp3 :D
Glad u liked the song, man, and good luck whith that game of yours! Let us know when it´s being released :D

Not bad

Small steps go far. And you've grown into a genuine music maker. Keep up the good work to make people happy!

Your friend, ßosa

Rucklo responds:

Hey man! Glad u liked thisone (i suppose u did :)
I´ll do my best and try to get atleast one song out every week here on NG, so fear not, cause i aint goin nowhere :D
Thanx alot for the review, it´s really apprciated :D


This song has alot of good FX mixes in it. I think it was good to the last minute. Just get a pad or strings in their and it would get better. All of your music is great! I hope you get allota fans!

Your friend, ßosa

Rucklo responds:

Hey man!
Yea, I too hope I´ll get alot of fans. That´d be sweeeeet :D
Really happy U enjoyed this song, I put in alot of effort into it! However, it´s very likeley I add vox on this song, don´t be surprised if u hear it with a lovley female voice :D
Thanx alot for the review, friend!!!

Good show

I enjoyed this quite a bit. I'm a little drunk now.. so.. It's all goood to me. Keep it up!

Rucklo responds:

He he, u had schome booofooo onesch, that makesch schoyr ´ead go wo-wo. Gimme a beer too, will ya! :D
Schtanx for the review man.
Seriously, gimme a beer tho...


Daaaaamn!! Your pretty good brother. Just treat your guitar like your son and it will fly smoove. Get what I'm sayin'? Anyways, the echo effect had me goin' for a run in rock town. Good work. And, tell Violet I said hello.

XwaynecoltX responds:

Thanks for the review.


The best looking composer online.

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