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Great Ambient!

I can actually imagine myself sitting in a lobby or something, bored out of my mind. Then, all the sudden, I am lifted out and a montage of everyday life interrupts the nature of my boredom. Going through pixels and curls of machinery, I've finally found what I've been looking for, and when I reach out to grab it.. oof! Back in the lobby. Seems like it was nothing more than my imagination.

I really like this track, and sometimes repetitive can be good if your mind is somewhere else. Possibly when it is focused on solving a puzzle in a flash game or watching pretty lights. The only problem was that it didn't loop. It would have been 100% great if it did. But, overall, it is indeed a solid track.

Also, b0z0 is nothing more than a poor individual looking for some publicity. By his actions, he can't be more than 13 or 14 years old. So, it's best just to ignore idiots. I guess people looking for entertainment in their own general way can be offensive to many. Especially somebody like b0z0. His ways of entertainment is pretty silly, if you ask me. All he needs is a good ass bustin'and apparently, his parents don't know how to do that.

But, enough about him. I believe you have strong potential in your music, and I enjoy your music a lot. Good luck on your future projects. If you need anything, just tell me.


Good Work,

snayk responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for the review! I'm really glad you liked it.

I did get lost in this song... Somehow, the melody is haunting to me, and I feel that explains the repetition.

I never considered looping the track, as I'm not very big on loops, but I suppose it's a good idea (considering the repetition), and maybe I'll consider making a loop out of this track.

Thanks a lot for the great review :D

I Like It!

That drum beat is what really sets this song apart from the others. This is one of your greater tracks in your arsenal, I believe.

However, there is a part in here with a phazy lead that I could have sworn that I've heard somewhere before. Perhaps it is a preset in the VST that you're using, and I probably heard the VST before. It might even be a soundfont that I've heard before. I don't know.. might be my imagination.

Anyways, I love that drumbeat and it has its own kickass lead that keeps it going.

Good Work,

R0tt3n-Appl3 responds:

you probably have heard it before. i used a premade soundfront from sytrus on flstudio


Not a bad piece, for an expirement. I really like those well balanced drums. The melody could use a little bit of improvement, but overall, it was a solid track I believe.

b0z0 is nothing more but another bored individual looking for some publicity. I'll five you, after you've been beaten like a pulp by zerovoters. If you seem well, I would suggest just ignoring idiots and stick with good artists and become a high-man in the community, it will do some good. Good luck, my friend.


mr-jazzman responds:

you speak truth my friend =) good advice, good advice. i know he's just looking for some attention, but it really pisses me off that someone would actually do that. i mean, i just started this profile and look what he's done! oh well...hopefully the true quality will come out and not what the reviews say, ya know? can't always judge a book by its cover, eh? =/

EDIT 2010: Damn, looking back I had no CLUE that you reviewed one of my very first songs lol. That's ridiculous! I didn't have any knowledge in mastering whatsoever in producing this, and I had no clue that FL was generic. Wow, and now look how far I've come, just in 2 years. Because of people like you, I've become better, so thank you Bosa!

By the way, I'm in the final stages of this Deathmatch thing, and I'm hoping to take Gravey down. That would be awesome, as he's a producing behemoth; it'll be quite a David-and-Goliath story if I succeed. Let's hope so, eh? The spirit of your production is what I've got.

Ah, That's a Good Fellow

I am quite familiar with this VST. I often use Garitan Jazz when I'm feeling the blues a'coming. However, I've never actually used this one. Please, if you find the time, tell me what brass instruments is included. I'm really looking for French Horn ripping sounds.

As MaestroRage included, I can't find anything wrong with this song either. It sounds Arabic in a sense, and you managed to keep that Christmas feel without going overboard with the Arabic style. "Heh, I like this one!" the big oaf bear said.

Oh, one more thing.. if you ever need anything, remember that I'm here to help you and protect you from the evil zero voting bastards.

Always Happy to Help a Friend,

Hello, TMM43

I'm not used to techno, but I actually like this song. Really original and that piano added some momentum to the track. That melody the lead plays is what really makes this song so original. There is one bad side, however. I would have liked to hear harder drums and more bass. Sometimes the song is just too soft and needed some extra boosts.

Always to help a friend,

TMM43 responds:

Ha, thanks a lot! Yeah, after listening to this song, and reading reviews, I notice that the beat as well as other things can be rather faint at times...
There wasn't a beat throughout the whole song because of clipping! I spent a good long time trying to fix it, but to no avail... I'll fool around with it more.

thanks for your review.


I was too late. The zero voters have come with their heavy cavalry of zero colons. I'm too vote five to help you get back up, but I fear all is lost.

Truly sorry, friend. This was actually a good song too. Reminds me of a fast montage of every day life in the house.

Always happy to help a friend,

LfunkeyA responds:

no probs. thanx for the review. life is an endless battle :D.

Yes, MaestroRage, Yes

Heh, the first segment sounds like one of my past works, "They Fly, They Land." It also reminds me of the Black Hawk Down score, "Leave No Man Behind." But, these things happen when beauty strikes a man's mind. It has happened to me before and I probably didn't even realize it at the time. But, it's nothing to worry about. Just keep making music and you'll be fine.

Let us move it along..

A journey is something I have taken many times in my life. Even if it's in the mind or in the world, we all must come to decisions that may or may not end our long journey. If the end is nigh, then it was meant to be. All things happen for a reason, and the things that do not happen were not meant to happen. It is as simple as it comes from my mouth. Everything you do is planned, I believe and a journey is something that will help you understand this way better.

This is a good theme than most for a journey. I like the bending of the choir and instruments used fairly well in this tune. It brings out some clarity in the picture. Kinda reminds me of Vietnam.. don't ask because I don't know.

Excellent Use of Choir
Use of Strings to Make Statement
Excellent Use of Native and Foreign Instruments
MaestroRage Drum Usage
Good Show of Brass

All in all, a plus to me.


p.s.: This has been the first 10 vote I've used in years. Honestly, anyways.

MaestroRage responds:

ah! I can't believe I forgot to respond to this review Bosa! My apologies my good sir, I did not intend to leave you hanging like this!

I must listen to your song "They fly, they land" because if they are similar, I would love to live in it.

I believe the Vietnamese imagery may come from the Erhu violin you heard, which is an oriental instrument. It's a brilliant instrument, it has only one string! Yet it holds so much power, it's simply a wonderful tool!

Thank you for the review Bosa, it means a great deal to me. I am glad you liked it ^^.

Very Nice~!

I'm into this. That woodwind was too high pitched for a flute or tin whistle, but was also too low pitched for a piccolo; help out here. It could have used some slides to give it more celtic feelings.. I'm sure you know how to do this if it is was real, but if it isn't, then I can't help you there.

More onto this..

I can picture a thing here. It sounds so medieval, I can indeed get a glimpse of life's past in time. But, to describe it would require a book and ten good fingers, instead I have grown weary of work on farmland and my mind has been boggled by questions of faith. No, I cannot describe it now.

The choir with the woodwind actually reminds me of something from Final Fantasy III (U.S.) It was really made out. I've never really tried woodwinds with choir in G. Hm.. I'm going back to the symphony today, perhaps I can get some more ideas of my own up there.

The strings were good and added momentum to the song itself. A plus.

The harp at the beggining, as I have just noticed, is your specialty within your songs. You seem to actually give them a solid tune and note. Unlike what I normally hear. Most composers use harps as backbeats or basslines. But you, you give them a tune and it comes out solid. Good work, friend.

Don't mind my term "friend," all is friendly until I see their truth. Their truth being a good thing, or a bad thing. You see, I treat music like it should be treated. I want to see the audio portal grow and prosper. If there is a chime to this (like the one in your song,) then let it be heard throughout all of newgrounds.

Also, I'm actually averaging my votes now. So it will be a 100% accurate overall vote instead of an unaccurate estimate. This average equals out exactly to 9.


p.s.: If this review gets you rather off foot, then get your balance back and walk strong.

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you Bosa for the review! I appreciated it greatly.

The woodwind you heard in this piece is called the Dizi Flute. It is of oriental origin and I love it because it is as you said, higher then a flute, lower then a piccolo.

I love taking instruments and giving them a role they would not normally take. The harp being one such instrument. I know how they are always used as support, and frankly they can do so much more.

I too like you wish to see the portal prosper. The redesign has promised again and again revolutionairy change. When or if that will even happen is far beyond me. Like a highly anticipated game, it is always just pushed back more and more.

If that day comes, and 0 voting is abolished, Bosa your music will soar, and grab the attention it deserves. For nobody, jealous or ignorant, can damage you then without exposing themselves.

Once again thank you for the review. It has not made me lose my balance at all, and I will continue to walk strong for however long these legs would carry me. I am glad you liked this piece ^^.

Uh oh, friend

Sigh.. I fear the zero voters will be here soon. I will help you the best I can, but I'm afraid it will not be enough.

I've heard better samples, but that piano and string melody is great. With them both mixing together, it brings back many magical memories. It gives me much to think about. Friend, you have a talent when it comes to repetetive, yet great compositions.

I must now say that I've just noticed how that piano is going. I'm quite intrigued on how you've managed to do this. I think I've been swept away from your music. Perhaps make another thing like this, but leave out the nightmare side. I would like to hear something from you with a softer, and more dreamy side like the first piano slides.

I'm giving you a five to protect you from the zero voters. I am fond of your music, friend, and I shall be back frequently to check on you and your music.

An Ally,

BritZombie responds:

Prehaps ill try the dream stlye more thanks for the comments. mate.

Please PM me to tell me why Id get zero votes, i really tried hard with this and im glad you noticed

Dunno why id get voted 0, and ill be sure to review you

Yes, Good

I am getting the feeling that I'm inside a first class pub. With this, I also get the feel of being underwater, you may think this is a strange feeling, but those waterphones is what does it.
I can see myself playing King's Quest with this music playing, or an old VGA Adventure Game.

Your choice to combine the viola with the cello gives it that true classic feel, and also with the brass and waterphones (at least that's what they sound like), gives the easy flow of a slow promotion to adventure.

Your music is quiet, and soothing to listen to. For this, I give you a ten and a five vote.. as seeing you were probably zero voted by idiots.

Nice Progression,

Esn responds:

Thanks Bosa.

Although it was actually a euphonium/violin combination, to tell the truth (not cello).

The best looking composer online.

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