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I'm not sure why people are hearing shrieking. It sounds fine to me?

Anyway, after I heard that intro I knew I was in for a treat. It's always a good thing to start your song off strong because people today have very short attention spans. If you hook them early, they'll stay for the ride.

I love your style -- a mix of both nostalgia and new techniques. It reminds me of good DOS games I played back in the day with solid soundtracks, but with a modern mix and updated devices. Like I said, I love it.

I also love music that tells a story rather than music that is just placeholder and generic; and this piece definitely tells a story. Much like your earlier track -- Peaks -- the transitions are intricate and balanced well enough to retain my interest, while expressing the feelings and emotions behind a scene. The arrangement and writing is truly skilled in that each instrument has received enough attention that its roles are necessary for the track. In other words, I can tell you worked long and hard on each section of the music.

The instruments have a very distinctive sound. Like ChronoNomad said, relaxing and chilled. If there were any problems with them, then I wasn't able to hear anything. Overall I can say that the instruments are very easy on the ears and I can handle that.

I can see why this song appeals to so many people. Well written, well produced, and released with humility. I hope that you can continue in your success, as I see you growing further as well all are. Truly blessed.


1f1n1ty responds:

Hey Bosa, thanks for all the kind words!

DOS games huh I wasn't even alive to see those :P

Ah yes transitions. I guess I've finally gotten to that point where I can consistently command a good transition between very contrasting sections, which was admittedly a long journey to master. Next thing to try is to make consecutive sections sound more like each other so I can avoid doing musical gymnastics to my sound :P

My secret to instruments is pretty much "use presets" which is pretty great as well :P

Wow, Finn! You have such a great piece here and it shows me that you are both experienced and determined to produce the best work you can -- something I admire considerably!

Your intro is good, and it hooks me from the start. It also does a great job of showing off the recording quality of the song, which I will touch on soon. This intro is done the right way in my opinion.

The main body of the song sounds like something I would hear broadcasted on mainstream radio, or even something played on a TV show. The recording quality is very professional and is more than broadcast-ready. I can assume you've already done this, but I would see about getting some work pitched to advertisers. If you ever need help with that, just let me know.

You have your own style and you stick with it, which is good. I can tell you must be doing well for yourself, so I feel like there isn't much more that needs to be said. Overall, this song is done right.

Kind Regards,

FinnMK responds:

You're very kind Jon.

I'm fortunate enough to be writing music full-time already, but I'd never be fool enough to turn down an opportunity. I'll PM you!


You have a good track here, but let me elaborate a little more:

I know what you meant when you said you loved the vibe of this song -- something I think other listeners will be able to relate with as well. It gives me a calm, chill, and almost soothing vibe; and I can explain this a little better: the bass and the lows in general do overpower everything else and sounds like it's kept under the ceiling by a limiter. This is actually something I like about the lo-fi experience, and I don't know why; but it seems to ease tension in my head if that makes sense.

I think your choice of instruments were superb, in particular the constant guitar and the vocals in the background -- really good taste and was like salt and pepper to an already good meal.

Critical Analysis:

One thing that bugs me with all chillout tunes is the fact that they are so repetitive (however the same could be said for just about everything that is released today). I can understand instances where a composer lacks computer power or resources to do too much at once, but I felt as though this track was confined to a specific pattern that it couldn't deviate from.

The instruments are all good at what they do, but I felt like at least a new lead instrument could be introduced around 2:19 when the percussion and bass comes back in, or maybe do something even more crazy and keychange to lead up to the fadeout.

Final Thoughts:

I feel like this song has actual marketing potential. However I already know that if an advertiser would hear it, they would get somebody to EQ it, master it, and replace the bass; but as for me I like it just the way it is. Heck man, I think this would be great to listen to while you're studying or relaxing in the evening after a long day.

What I'm going to say here is off the record and did not impact my score:

You are one of the best Newgrounds musicians we have. It's not because of what you produce, but it's because of the support you give to the community as a whole. Most musicians are out for themselves, but our community thrives when we have users like you who are more than willing to encourage others. Music is one of the toughest businesses to get into, and I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my Newgrounds community to go to; so don't ever get too discouraged out here. Remember that there are people here who support you because you support us.


Beautiful piece. Very true to the nature of our genre.

CloakedSoup responds:

Thank you! I just checked out some of your stuff; You write beautiful music as well. 8D

Sometime in the future we will work on a piece together.

Love you, bro!

etherealwinds responds:

i've been blessed by the gods

much love for you too! let's definitely work together please!

Very tense and it does indeed remind me of a war scene. I love the low brass -- very powerful tools you've utilized well! The constant violin all work together to make this an excellent and theatrical experience. I enjoy your work very much!

Jmagnum responds:

Thank you very much :D I enjoy your work as well

Very emotional. Regardless that it was scrapped, you still managed to produce an excellent piece here and I could certainly see this building up into an even more heart-moving theme. As always, I enjoy both your music and your friendship!

Take good care,

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you, and ditto ^___^
I think this could've been developed into something even grander on the emotional scale as well, but it just didn't really seem right to return to it after so long, especially as I had other projects to work on as well :D

Take great care, you too!

Were you nearby the ocean when you made this? Definitely has an epic feeling and makes me think of the varangian guard sailing towards Byzantium, preparing themselves for war. Excellent work!

Jmagnum responds:

Thank you :D I wasn't near an ocean, but I was picturing a similar sort of thing when making it haha

You're still my #1 bro!

Kor-Rune responds:

ILY i'm sorry I got a girlfriend and it lasted forEVER UGH I never meant to leave u my love

Excellent background music! Wow, I didn't even realize it was looping. I don't know what it is, but I really enjoy this piece. Reminds me of some dramatic scenes in some TV shows I watched when I was younger.

N77 responds:

Wow, that really means a lot coming from someone as experienced as you! Thanks man!

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