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I want you to be featured in a new project.

2014-02-17 22:53:26 by Bosa

Hey, Baby.

I will begin working on a new musical project soon. I plan on spending as much time and effort as I can on this upcoming project, and it will feature the full extent of my abilities (which isn't saying much). However, this project will be very different than anything I have ever done before, because I plan on creating a new orchestral arrangement of your existing song. I plan on creating multiple tracks of the most influential and emotional music on Newgrounds, incorporating them into a single collection. If you would like your best composition to be featured in this project, then just leave a comment here. I will give you more instructions near the end of this post.


If there is a small list in the comment section, then count yourself included regardless, but if there is a long list, then I will cautiously choose the music that I believe expresses the most character behind the author.


Legal Matters...

Keep in mind that I will not be infringing your non-existent rights with the Creative Commons License. Also, I will not just rip songs from Newgrounds and jumble them into a final mix. I will actually orchestrate a new arrangement from the ground up, which will follow your original composition. In order for me to create a new orchestral arrangement of your music, it must be your own original work.


How to Contribute to this Project

In order to have your song orchestrated, you must respond to this post with the following information:

  • Name of song
  • Link to song in the Newgrounds Audio Portal
  • Why you chose this song

If your post does not contain the correct information as displayed above, then I will not consider your song for the project.


I hope this project will testify to the Newgrounds legacy and will prove that great writers exist here. Please, think carefully about what song you choose and what you would like to hear orchestrated. I will warn you that my version of your song will feature my own personal touches, so I hope you will enjoy your music from a different point of view.


When shall we expect the arrival, sir?

I will finish working on this project around the Autumn of 2014, so you have until May 31st to post here and request your song to be featured. This project will of course be featured as a playlist, and perhaps one day as a free album. I may also be able promote this project beyond normal means on Newgrounds and give you exposure by being accredited as the original composer.


I hope this appeals to some of you, but if not, then oh well; it was worth a try.


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2014-02-17 23:00:23

A City Eternal (pick any themes you like)

It's pretty cool.

(if you don't like it, you can pick another one)


2014-02-18 00:27:34

I find this to be highly interesting so whether you choose to orchestrate one of my pieces or not, I will be following regardless.
If you're only using music that is influential and emotional that have been popular in Newgrounds, then that would count me out automatically since I'm practically unknown.
I'll submit Psalm 32 for consideration:

Reason being is because I have spent 6 months composing it while I just listened and sat down with it to chip away at the pieces of this composition. There was also a therapeutic approach and meaning behind it in how it was conceived, but I won't go into that right now.
I have written it out on sheet music if you're up to the challenge of orchestrating a piano piece and therefore I could just pass it along to you. There are internal melodies underneath the leading voice part so I think it could adapt well to being orchestrated, and I'm totally comfortable in allowing another to interpret it into their own "point of view."


2014-02-18 00:31:05

Sry, I have copied and pasted the wrong link:


2014-02-18 00:56:23

Musical? What is the story about? Is the screen/stage play complete?

Bosa responds:

It's the story of humility and how I achieved it.


2014-02-18 01:56:37

ok why not

"The Portaits"
it's probably my most classically oriented song on NG, a bit minimal on the instrumentation and diversity, but I think it has interesting harmony changes and illustrates a good realm of eeriness


2014-02-18 02:17:49

I'm actually putting two here because they are both of the same theme done twice.

1 - The liquid factory

2 - The air factory

I chose these two because they both reflect one of my favorite personal created themes in different but similar ways.


2014-02-18 02:36:28

Hi Bosa. Sure, I would be interested in hearing your take on one of my tracks. How about "Prelude in C Minor"? Here is a link:


2014-02-18 03:56:34

Sure I'd like to participate.

The song is a cinematic piece entitled "The Black Wind." This track is definitely my favorite finished arrangement. I'm enthralled by the composition style of Danny Elfman, but alas taking on the softer sides of music proved more taxing than I'd like. I was never able to take this track to the next level by really filling it out. It was short of time for a competition, not to mention a lack of time to revisit the track since. I would love to hear it brought to a fuller potential.

Have fun!


2014-02-18 07:57:02

Hello, Bosa. I'm already looking forward for the result.
I would be delighted if you could consider arranging one of my piece.
Its name is Tredecim - The End

Basically, it was my interpretation of the end of the world as predicted by the Mayas. However, i feel like i wasn't able to get this piece to its full potential, as it didn't sound "apocalyptic" enough.
I think you may be able to, however. That's why i choose this piece.

Good luck for project, friend.


2014-02-18 12:12:50

The name of my song is "Stargazing".
Here is a link to it:
I chose it because its has a really large epic sound to it and I think it would sound really nice in an orchestral format :)


2014-02-18 13:33:06

Awesome idea, sir! I would recommend my song "Farewell" for solo violin, piano and small orchestra.

Name: Farewell
WHY? I have chosen this song because i think its the most emotional piece i have written so far.


2014-02-18 18:30:42

No epic, just dramatic...


2014-02-18 19:53:38

Title: Rose Inn

Reason: This might be one of my most quality-filled songs. Real curious to see this get Bosa'ed up.

Bosa responds:

Finished. Track 1.


2014-02-18 22:08:11

Sounds fun. I would love to hear how one of my earliest songs would sound redone by another artist:
Title: Cloudlessly
Reason: The melodies/motifs in it are among the first I ever came up with and ones I keep returning to most in later songs. It's kind of like the one piece that defines me so to speak.


2014-02-19 23:19:07

"The most influential and emotional music on Newgrounds" doesn't mean the entire project will just be people from this comment section, right?

Bosa responds:

Wrong. I will not create a cover of a person's track unless they ask me to do so.


2014-02-20 08:41:13

What I meant this project just going to be interpretations of songs only from people who ask you to do it, or are you going to do a bunch of your own choosing from your personal favorites too?

Bosa responds:

Only the people who ask.


2014-03-04 09:50:41

graveyard shenanigans

reason: one of my best. also curios to see what sort of orchestration you can do to this wonky piece


2014-03-04 13:44:36

Oy Bosa, how you been?
The song I decided to pick is Pictures of Things to Come:
The reason I picked it is that I feel this song has the most expression in it's composition, but is severely lacking in competent orchestration. I believe you would be able to fix that. :P

Oh also, this was done for your competition, so it was made for you in the first place! :3


2014-03-04 23:06:06

You never cease to please, Bosa :)

Song: Road to Everywhere
Why? Well, simply put...aside from Love is Powerful and another few songs not on the NAP, I feel this is one of my more emotional melodies that would sound good with an orchestral arrangement. The whole song tells the story of all my travels to my home state, Michigan. The excitement of seeing family and being "home" again along with the boredom and fatigue that come from the drive. The tempo changes illustrate the change between those things as the trip progresses. Plus I'm really, really curious to see how this one sounds orchestrated.

Sorry for rambling, but hey, when you got a story to tell you tell it, right?


2014-03-07 22:23:53

I love the idea of this!

Song: Peaceful Memories
Peaceful Memories is the 2nd track of an ongoing creation. It's my own personal favorite, and happens to be my most recent release. I know there are many more routes that can be taken with this piece, so I'd love to hear what you can do with it! I'm excited, good luck to you on the project!


2014-03-08 11:21:53

This is an incredible idea!
Troubled Silence
I'd love to see what you do with the piano melody :)


2014-05-09 12:38:26

Lost Winter
I chose this song because, out of all my original music, I think a Bosa version of "Lost Winter" would have the most impact. To me, this snow-inspired song represents adventures in a world where I belong and have purpose. I don't know why, but cold/snowy/icy environments are incredibly significant to my imagination, even though physically I can hardly stand the cold.


2014-10-09 12:58:59

The reason being is that I think this is an awesome idea. I've always wanted to get more serious with orchestrations but I'm stunted with sound fonts for the time being, but you've always had a knack for this sort of thing. This song got "NG popular" for some odd reason (09' represent) back when the NG chat radio would download songs. It's a really simple song structure so I don't think you'll need any midi files for it anyway :P. You'd be transforming an upbeat dance/trance track written by a mixing n00b into what I would imagine to be a much slower/beautiful composition. But good luck with the project Bosa! In the words of samulis, "if you don't like it, you can pick another one."



2014-10-09 13:06:12

I think I just realized, (based on the date of your post), that I'm probably a bit too late to submit for this, (February being posted, with the deadline being May 31st). Disregard! But hey, you just got your 1,200th fan on Newgrounds!


Bosa responds:

I am still working on this project! I will still acknowledge your post! Also, thank you for being my 1,200th fan!!


2014-11-11 22:30:38

Hey Bosa see what you can do with this....

Bosa responds:



2014-11-17 17:55:15

Unsalvageable eh? figures...

Bosa responds:

You think I would pass up a challenge like this? No way.


2014-11-17 19:46:10

We will see...


2016-01-15 13:48:24

Bossa, didn't you say you were having a contest in January? To be submitted by January?

This was the song I wrote, and put my soul into, and now I see the January date disappeared. Why is that?

Bosa responds:

You submitted it for the Christmas contest on Dec. 17th and it was added to the list of submissions. The deadline was on Dec. 20th and the results were released on the 24th.